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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2796

139801. --------is the short-cut key for help

139802. Spelling and Grammar can be easily checked using the Function key—

139803. ISP stands for------

139804. The graphical representation of a program seen on a desktop is called----

139805. To save an existing document in the same file name with menu item is used------

139806. In a word document page number is inserted into-------

139807. The margin of the word document can be set by--------------

139808. The vertical alignment can be done in spreadsheet by using-------

139809. In a spreadsheet we can apply and use------

139810. Maximum storing capacity of a Floppy is:

139811. An operating system is a large set of -------which is also an interface between users and computer system

139812. The Simplest operating system which allows only one user to work on a computer at a time is known as:

139813. By default there are three worksheets in a work-book and they are named-------respectively

139814. In MS Excel you can enter number and mathematical formulas into-----------

139815. MS Excel has a set of pre written formulas called-------

139816. Which is the following is not valid version of M.S.Office?

139817. Which is not a data source component?

139818. How much does’K’represent in terms of memory?

139819. An Assembly language program must be translated into-----

139820. The tangible part of a computer system is called:

139821. Data can be permanently held with the help of:

139822. Moving the mouse in any direction while keeping the left mouse button pressed is called------

139823. Browsers are used for seeing--------

139824. Prathiaksha Raksha Daiva Sabha(PRDS)was founded by:

139825. Who was the leader of ‘Savarna Jatha’,organized from Vaikom to Trivandrum by savarna Hindus who supported the agitation of vaikom sathyagraham?

139826. Publisher of magazine ‘Muslim’in the year 1906 in Travancore?

139827. Writer who selected for the Jnanpith Award for

139828. MGNREGA is implemented for:

139829. Year in which Malayalee memorial submitted to the Raja of Travancore?

139830. Channar agitation Awas for:

139831. Year in which National Food security act came into force?

139832. Author of the Drama ‘Ithu Boomiyannu’:

139833. Who among the following is the founder of Kerala Kaumudi Newspaper

139834. Idetify the Christian Priest who translated the Holy Qurbana from syriac to Malayalam language known as ‘Ara Kurbana’:

139835. Author of ‘Atmopadesa Satakam’?

139836. Kerala Panini?

139837. Name the Novel got vayalar Award for the year 2014

139838. Venue of next Olympics

139839. Which among the following joined Indian Union in 1975

139840. Power to proclaim emergency in India is vested with:

139841. Year in which the age of Adult Franchise reduced to 18 years:

139842. This fundamental right was removed from our constitution in 1978:

139843. In an exchange,the number of call attempts in a busy hour is called:

139844. CATV means:

139845. Usually the links that run between the exchanges are called:

139846. Internationally accepted unit of telephone Traffic intensity is:

139847. The media which is best suited for very high date rate transmission is:

139848. ISDN is an acronym for:

139849. Electrical Telegraph was invented by:

139850. Television Broadcast is an example of:

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