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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2901

145051. The Ananthapura Lake Temple is situated at:

145052. CIndue Island is part of:

145053. The Chicago Convention was organised in the year:

145054. The Keralam Museum of History and Heritage is located at:

145055. Lahaul and Spiti are major tourism destinations in the state of:

145056. On which day did the UNWTO announce the arrival of the one-billionth tourist of the 2012:

145057. Which of the following is a Community Reserve?

145058. The country that has become the largest spender in international tourism globally in 2012:

145059. The Pushkar Cattle Fair is conducted in the state of :

145060. An irrational deep rooted fear of or antipathy towards foreigners:

145061. The river which forms the Thusharagiri waterfalls is:

145062. The first stage of the Butler’s Destination Life Cycle Model is:

145063. The Harmandir Sahib is located in:

145064. The acronym TSA stands for:

145065. Arakkal Palace is located in:

145066. The terminology ‘Grey Panther Tourists’represents:

145067. The ST-EP initiative is launched by:

145068. The Teak Museum of Kerala is located in:

145069. The International Year of Ecotourism was celebrated in the year:

145070. The Tawang Buddhist Monastery is situated in:

145071. The expansion of the acronym GATS is:

145072. The khonoma Green Village is an ecotourism project in:

145073. The current Secretary General of UNWTO is:

145074. In which district is the Kottoor Elephant Rehabillitation Centre located?

145075. The sanctuary which would soon catch tourist attraction with the shifting of Asiatic Lions from Gir National Park:

145076. The country that hosts World Tourism Day 2013 celebrations is:

145077. Pakshipathalam is located in:

145078. Bihu is the harvest festival of:

145079. The Hotel Carbon Measurement Initiative is launched by:

145080. Which of the following is not an officially declared bird sanctuary?

145081. The popular hill station Nainital is in the state of:

145082. The headquarters of PATA is in:

145083. Information passed among employees that has not been officially circulated by the company is described as:

145084. -------------------is described as an attempt to influence the members of Parliament for favourable legislation

145085. The expression voxpopuli,voxdei was coined by ancient:---------------

145086. Which of the following is not a Public Relations firm?

145087. Who among the following is one of the founders of modern-day public relations practices in United Kingdom?

145088. A press kit is a:

145089. The UK’s leading professional body for Public Relations practitioners is known as:

145090. The effort of a spokesperson to avoid answering questions posed by reporters is described as:

145091. Which of the following Indian cities had the first chapter of the Public Relations Society of India (PBSI)?

145092. When is national PR day observed in India?

145093. Which of the following is an e-newsletter of PRSI?

145094. One of the earliest books on Public Relations by Edward L.Bernays is known as:

145095. --------------------is generally referred to as the father of Public Relations

145096. The code of ethics for Public Relations professionals is known as:

145097. ----------------is a publication by the Department of Information and Public Relations,Govt.of Kerala

145098. Kinesics is another term for:

145099. Short summary statement of one’s background ,skill,education etFormatted in bullet form and chronological order is called:

145100. Which of the following is not an external business written communication?

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