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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 2977

148851. 15% of 120 + 25% of 100= ?

148852. Flower : Bouquet :: Player : ?

148853. A train travelling at a uniform speed clears a bridge 110 mlong in 10 seconds and passes a telegraph post in 5 seconds. The length of trainis ….. metres.

148854. Save is related to Rescue in the same way as Seldom is relatedto:

148855. If ABCD is coded as 1234 , what would be GHIF stands for:

148856. Six men working 8 hours per day earn Rs.720 per week. Eight men working 6 hours a day will earn Rs.……. per week.

148857. Sun is to Night as Fish is to:

148858. The day on which Kariappa became the Commander in Chief ofIndia is observed as:

148859. Who is the founder of Agra?

148860. “For fools rush in where angels fear to tread” Who said this?

148861. The greatest ruler of Maurya dynasty:

148862. The battle of Hydaspes in which Alexander defeated Porus was fought in:

148863. The first woman chief minister of an Indian state:

148864. D.S.Senanayake is the father of nation of:

148865. Abraham Lincoln was the ....th president of USA:

148866. Father of Green Revolution in India:

148867. Which is not situated on the banks of Yamuna?

148868. The first to win an Olympic medal for India:

148869. Shakespeare passed away in:

148870. In which year Bangladesh declared independence?

148871. Cryogenics is related to:

148872. The colour of Black box in aeroplanes:

148873. Advocate General is appointed by:

148874. Who acted the role of Gandhi in the film ‘Gandhi’?

148875. Who was the president of INC when India got independence?

148876. The only Indian prime minister who did not face theparliament:

148877. The 8th Schedule of Indian Constitution recognises ——— languages.

148878. The author of ‘Kim’ and ‘Jungle Book’:

148879. Marry Todd was the wife of a famous US president. His name is:

148880. Who was the first transport minister in Kerala?

148881. The dam situated between Kuravan and Kurathi hills:

148882. Punnapra-Vayalar agitation was in:

148883. Rajyasamacharam was published from:

148884. The Malayalam film based on the theme of Rajan Case:

148885. The ruler of Travancore who abolished Sucheendram Kaimukku:

148886. The first athlete from Kerala to get Arjuna Award:

148887. The place known as Land of 3’C’s- Land of Cake, Land ofCricket, Land of Circus?

148888. The place where Parthasarathy Temple is situated?

148889. The only woman to get two Nobel Prizes:

148890. The first Indian to get Booker Prize:

148891. The tenure of UN Secretary General is ...... years :

148892. The venue of 2018 World Cup Football:

148893. Who authored ‘Hymavathabhoovil’?

148894. The internet browser developed in India:

148895. The name of which state means ‘Thirty six Forts’?:

148896. In which year a Pakistani woman got Nobel Prize for the firsttime?

148897. In which place is Papanasam beach?

148898. Where is VK Krishnamenon Art Gallery?

148899. National sports of Scotland:

148900. Which light has theshortest wavelength?

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