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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3050

152501. Spot the error?

152502. Elementary education covers children in the age group?

152503. Fill in the blanks using the suitable words in the choices. She is ......... girl in the class.?

152504. Antacids cure?

152505. Lekshadweep consists of ......... islands.?

152506. Indus Valley Civilization was spread over?

152507. Flower colours are due to?

152508. What is the number of players in polo?

152509. Light emitted by sun reaches earth in?

152510. Will you wait ......... I return?

152511. He has not given ......... drinking.?

152512. Water gas is a mixture of:?

152513. The Young Italy Movement aimed at the?

152514. He is still feverish, but ......... better than he was.?

152515. A road is being constructed. (Change into active voice)?

152516. In which form of energy in a battery is stored?

152517. The hottest Zone between the Tropic of cancer and Tropic of Capricon?

152518. The first world war began and ended in the year?

152519. Glucose syrup is made from?

152520. Gobar gas mainly contains?

152521. Insulin is injected into the intestines by?

152522. Nehru was not only a politician,......... a great writer.?

152523. Judicial Review of the Indian Constitution taken from the constitution of...........?

152524. The Indus Valley Civilisation belongs to?

152525. The famous book ‘The war of the Worlds’ is written by?

152526. The seed of Pinus (Chir) contains?

152527. Give suitable prepositions: He served me ......... a notice .?

152528. He is very much attached ......... his father .?

152529. Saccharin is?

152530. Which of the following is not a parasite?

152531. The principal source of revenue to the State Government in India is?

152532. The gas responsible for Bhopal gas tragedy is?

152533. Holland of Kerala is?

152534. Which is not a feature of the American constitution?

152535. A creature with complete metamorphosis?

152536. Who holds the office of the President for two consecutive terms?

152537. Who is the writer of ‘Kapala Kundala’?

152538. Indira Gandhi was assassinated in the month of:?

152539. Place an alphabet before the word ‘love’ to get the meaning ‘a spice’.?

152540. Total strength of the Non Aligned movement at present is?

152541. Use suitable prepositions: Everyone is liable ......... make mistakes .?

152542. Buddha’s preachings were mainly in regard to?

152543. “Be proud that you are an Indian, proudly claim I am an Indian, every Indian is my brother...’ Who had said these words?

152544. The Reserve Bank of India issues notes under the following note issue method?

152545. Cross pollination or the process of deposition of pollen on the stigma of another flower is?

152546. Which is the first official symbol of Olympics?

152547. The month of Gregorian calendar named after Jupiter’s wife is?

152548. The term for the judges of the International Court of Justice is?

152549. When was ‘Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award’ come to being?

152550. The name of disease connected with ‘Rh’ factor is?

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