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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3070

153501. Neither Seema nor Reena _____ well.?

153502. The phrase ‘to give out’ means:?

153503. _________of them rose from their seats to protest.?

153504. 'Make out' means?

153505. Choose the correct spelling:?

153506. The opposite of borrow is :?

153507. If you'd written earlier, I'd have known when you..........to go on holiday.?

153508. It was raining heavily all........ the day?

153509. A student who stays away from school without telling his/her parents?

153510. One word substitute for 'wild and noisy disorder or confusion is:?

153511. The opposite of proud is?

153512. The word opposite in meaning to ‘novice’ is:?

153513. The opposite of extravagance is:?

153514. The riot was put ... by the police?

153515. I am not at all satisfied, _____?

153516. "Rama and Krishna are brothers". In this sentence ‘and’ is :?

153517. The opposite of ‘Artless’ is?

153518. Business has now become very dog eat dog. Choose the meaning for the idiom 'dog eat dog’?

153519. When I reached the station, the train:?

153520. The synonym for ‘enmity’ is:?

153521. The last time when I saw Mr. John he looked very relaxed. He explained that he had been on holiday the ------ week.?

153522. My brother is very good...........singing.?

153523. He delayed replying ................ my letter?

153524. This is not –––– useful thing.?

153525. Pick out the incorrect sentence?

153526. The urn with grandpa's ashes............on the mantle in the living room.?

153527. Correct the sentence?

153528. A ____ of lions?

153529. Sandeep speaks English -------.?

153530. The opposite of word ‘courage’.?

153531. CAPTIOUS means?

153532. Don’t be late for dinner -------?

153533. He ____ madness to escape punishment.?

153534. Please wait............. I am ready.?

153535. —------------- you invite him, he will not come.?

153536. If I.............. his address, I could write to him?

153537. She slipped the letter ----- the letter-box through the slit at the top.?

153538. One should love________country.?

153539. The opposite of ‘‘implicit’’ is:?

153540. Teacher said to Jack: ‘Don't be late again tomorrow’. Choose the suitable sentence in indirect speech?

153541. She was married ............. she was sixteen.?

153542. He hopes...............first prize.?

153543. Person having profound knowledge.?

153544. The antonym of payment is?

153545. The opposite of "economy" is :?

153546. The Tiller was standing ______ in the field.?

153547. There are two buses standing there; Number 19 and Number 23; ............. bus will take you to the railway station but they go by different routes.?

153548. Antonym of ‘Zenith’ is ____?

153549. They neglected the teacher's _____?

153550. It was a bit careless ........... you to leave your bag at the bus station.?

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