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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3158

157901. A _________ is a professionally designed “empty” document that can be adapted to the user’s needs.?

157902. The _________ primarily take(s) care of the behind-the-scenes details and manage(s) the hardware.?

157903. Which of the following is an example of computer software?

157904. A software used to convert source program instructions to object instructions is known as?

157905. Chip is common nick name of an?

157906. The purpose of the primary key in a database is to?

157907. Linux is which type of operating system?

157908. This manual tells you how to use a software programme?

157909. Another name of logic chip is?

157910. In Word the replace options is available on?

157911. _____ menu types is also known as a drop down menu?

157912. Computer Key board is an example of?

157913. Administrative supervision of database activities is the responsibility of the?

157914. The application layer of the OSI model is the?

157915. Working of the WAN generally involves?

157916. Which of the following technique provides dedicated communication channel between two stations.?

157917. End-to-end conncectivity is provided from host-to-host in?

157918. Base band is?

157919. The simultaneous transmission of data to a number of stations is known as?

157920. The communication mode that supports data in both directions?

157921. Modulation is the process of?

157922. A distributed network configuration in which all data/information pass through a central computer is?

157923. An essential ingredient for effective multimedia presentations incorpoprates user participation or?

157924. A device that that copies or reproduces text and images is also called a(n)?

157925. The code for a Web page is written using?

157926. Reusable optical storage will typically have the acronym?

157927. A collection of related files is called a?

157928. Permanent Memory in computer is called?

157929. Computers manipulate data in many ways, and this manipulation is called?

157930. In programming, you use?

157931. With a CD you can?

157932. Computers use the _________ number system to store data and perform calculations.?

157933. When sending an e-mail, the __________ line describs the contents of the message.?

157934. Decreasing the amount of space required to store data and programs is accomplished by __________.?

157935. Data on a floppy disk is recorded in rings called ________.?

157936. Where are programs and data kept while the processor is using them?

157937. Which of the following commands is used to select the whole document?

157938. A device which can be connected to a network without using cable is called?

157939. What is the central device is star topology?

157940. A repair for a known software bug, usually available at no charge on the internet, is called a(n)_________.?

157941. The operating system is the most common type of ________ software.?

157942. To make the number pad act as directional arrows, you press the _______ key.?

157943. Which of the following menu types is also called a drop-down menu?

157944. What is an onscreen picture that represents objects, such as a program or file?

157945. A(n) _________ backup contains a copy of every program, data, and system file on a computer.?

157946. Of the five words listed below, find the odd man out.?

157947. Which of the following is specifically designed as a special-purpose computer?

157948. When the pointer is positioned on a ________, it is shaped like a hand.?

157949. What is the default file extension for all Word documents?

157950. Which is the part of the computer system that one can physically touch?

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