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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 3207

160351. 'Dykes' are especially constructed in?

160352. Earthquake is caused by?

160353. Earthquakes are caused by?

160354. Earthquakes are generally related with:?

160355. Echo sounding is the tech-nique applied to-?

160356. El Nino is?

160357. El Nino occurs over?

160358. 'El Nino' that affects our Monsoons, has its origins in?

160359. Equator represents?

160360. Excluding the East European countries & Russia, the country with the largest area under forest, is?

160361. Expanding Universe hypothesis is also known as:?

160362. Extensive subsistence agriculture is found in?

160363. Extensive subsistence agriculture is?

160364. Famous tourist spots viz. Chatham Saw Mill, Wandoor Beach, Mount Harriet & Limestone Caves are located in which state?

160365. Farakka Barrage was commissioned to?

160366. Farmers that produce food that they need to survive on a daily basis are called?

160367. Fifth step in process of growing rice is?

160368. Fishing grounds of the world are found in areas where?

160369. 'Flash floods' are related with?

160370. For the cultivation of Tobacco the soil should be rich in?

160371. Fourth step in process of growing rice is?

160372. From north towards South, which one of the following is the correct sequence of the given rivers in India?

160373. From of Agriculture in which farmers move from place to place in search of better land is called ______.?

160374. From where the river Godavari originates?

160375. Frontal Rain is caused by?

160376. General geography was written by?

160377. Generally, in which of the following rocks fossils are founds?

160378. Geo centric model of solar system was proposed by:?

160379. Girna Project is located in?

160380. Given below are the names of four energy crops. Which one of them can be cultivated for ethanol?

160381. Given here are four places situated on the banks of the Narmada: 1. Jabalpur 2. Mandla 3. Amarkantak 4. Bharuch In which order do these places occur from the source of the river to its mouth?

160382. Gold- collars workers fall in?

160383. Gomati is the tributaries of:?

160384. Grand Banks is one of the important producers of?

160385. Granite is an example of:?

160386. Granite, quartzite areas have upstanding look as?

160387. Grassland is called 'Pampas' in?

160388. Great Barrier Reef of Australia is situated parallel to?

160389. Gujarat is the largest producer of salt in India as?

160390. Hanging Valley is formed due to the action of?

160391. Hanging Valley is very common in?

160392. Heat gain through insolation and heat loss through terrestrial radiation are equal approximately at which latitude?

160393. Highly specialized form of agriculture in which crops like coffee, tea & rubber are cultivated refer to?

160394. 'Hinterland' refers to:?

160395. 'Horse latitudes' is the term applied to the?

160396. Hot deserts like Sahara, Arabia, etc. receive very negligible amount of rainfall. This is because they?

160397. How many islands are there in Lakshadweep -?

160398. How many minutes for each degree of longitude does the local time of any place vary from the Greenwich time -?

160399. How many parts Earth atmosphere has been divided?

160400. How many States and Union Territories are there in India?

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