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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 354

17701. Rate determining step in a reaction consisting of a number of steps in series is the __________ step.

17702. The rate of a chemical reaction is almost doubled for every 10°C rise in temperature. The rate will increase __________ times, if the temperature rises form 10 to 100°C.

17703. A catalyst in a chemical reaction __________ free energy change in the reaction.

17704. Signal normally used to study non-ideal flow by stimulus response technique is __________ input.

17705. When all the limiting reactant is consumed in the reaction, the operational yield __________ the relative yield.

17706. The half life period of a first order reaction is

17707. The catalyst in a second order reversible reaction increases the rate of the forward reaction

17708. Catalyst carriers

17709. For the liquid phase zero order irreversible reaction A B, the conversion of A in a CSTR is found to be 0.3 at a space velocity of 0.1min-1 . What will be the conversion for a PFR with a space velocity of 0.2 min-1? Assume that all the other operating conditions are the same for CSTR and PFR.

17710. A high space velocity means that a given

17711. In flow reactors, the performance equations interrelate the rate of reaction to the

17712. Space velocity

17713. The rate of the chemical reaction A B doubles as the concentration of A i.e.., CA is doubled. If rate of reaction is proportional to CAn, then what is the value of n for this reaction ?

17714. A reaction which is catalysed by a base is catalysed by all substances which have a tendency to

17715. For a homogeneous reaction of nth order, the dimension of the rate constant is given by

17716. The fractional volume change between no conversion and complete conversion, for the isothermal gas phase reaction, 2A R, is

17717. The reaction in which one of the products of reaction acts as a catalyst is called a/an __________ reaction.

17718. A typical example of an exothermic reversible reaction conducted at high pressure in industry is

17719. Study of chemical kinetics is the easiest in the case of __________ reactions.

17720. In autocatalytic reactions,

17721. Semibatch reactor is preferred, when a/an

17722. Exposure of a photographic plate to produce a latent image is an example of __________ reaction.

17723. For identical flow rate, feed composition and for elementary first order reactions, 'N' equal sized mixed reactors in series with a total volume 'V' gives the same conversion as a single plug flow reactor of volume 'V' for constant density systems. This is true, when the value of 'N' is

17724. Helium-mercury method is used for the measurement of the __________ of the catalyst.

17725. What is the order of a chemical reaction whose rate is deter-mined by the variation of one concentration term only ?

17726. Which schedule of Bank Balance Sheet deals with Reserves?

17727. The rate at which a chemical substance reacts is proportional to its

17728. The exit age distribution of a fluid leaving a vessel (denoted by E) is used to study the extent of non-ideal flow in the vessel. The value of is

17729. A plug-flow reactor is characterised by

17730. Three plug flow reactors (PFR's) of 4, 5 & 6 m3 volumes are arranged in two branches as shown below in the figure. If the total feed rate is 300 tons/hr, then for the same conversion in each branch, the feed rate through branch II should be __________ tons/hr.

17731. For a tubular reactor with space time 'τ' and residence time 'θ', the following statement holds good.

17732. Rate of an autocatalytic chemical reaction is a function of

17733. Which of the following curves shows the effect of temperature on the extent of gas-solid adsorption at a given pressure ?

17734. For an ideal mixed flow reactor (CSTR), the exit age distribution E(t) is given by

17735. Fluid flow in a real packed bed can be approximated as __________ model.

17736. For series reaction, the relative yield

17737. The 'E' curve for a non-ideal reactor defines the fraction of fluid having age between t and t + dt

17738. To maximise the formation of R in the simultaneous reaction A + B R , rR = 2CA0.5.CB2 A + B S , rS = 1.5 CA . CB We should have

17739. A reaction which is catalysed by an acid is also catalysed by any substance, which has a tendency to

17740. A stirred tank reactor compared to tubular-flow reactor provides

17741. A chemical reaction, A 3B, is conducted in a constant pressure vessel. Starting with pure A, the volume of the reaction mixture increases 3 times in 6 minutes. The fractional conversion is

17742. A catalyst inhibitor

17743. In chamber process of sulphuric acid manufacture in industry, the gas phase oxidation of SO2 to SO3 is accomplished by a __________ reaction.

17744. If the rate of a chemical reaction becomes slower at a given temperature, then the

17745. The conversion XA and residence time data are collected for zero order liquid phase reaction in a stirred tank reactor. Which of the following will be a straight line ?

17746. The rate of the reaction, X Y, quadruples when the concentration of 'X' is doubled. The rate expression for the reaction is, r = K Cxn, the value of 'n' in this case will be

17747. The value of steric factor 'P' in the equation k = PZeE/RT usually ranges from

17748. For a zero order reaction, the concentration of product increases with the

17749. What stops the flow of physical cheque issued by drawer?

17750. Effectiveness factor of a catalyst pellet is a measure of the __________ resistance.

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