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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 375

18751. P2O5 content in superphosphate is about __________ percent.

18752. Cowl is a part of:

18753. Blow by gases can be relieved by

18754. Neutralisation of nitric acid with ammonia to produce ammonium nitrate is a/an __________ reaction.

18755. Expansion tank is employed in ………………system

18756. Temperature and pressure in urea autoclave is

18757. Mechanical pump is employed in:

18758. The most suitable fertiliser for accelerating seeding or fruit formation in later stages of plant growth is __________ fertiliser.

18759. Car can stop in gear by using

18760. Fauser Monte Catini converter is used for

18761. Torque transfer at an angle is provided on propeller shaft by using:

18762. During nitric acid manufacture, catalytic oxidation of ammonia at 800°C in presence of platinum catalyst produces nitrogen oxide. Conversion of NH3 to NO is about __________ percent.

18763. Scrub radius is:

18764. Phosphatic fertiliser is graded based on its __________ content.

18765. The ratio of side force to the slip angle is called:

18766. Which of the following is not a measure component necessarily to be present in fertilisers?

18767. Torsion bar is used for:

18768. Nitric acid is produced on commercial scale in a fertiliser plant by

18769. The unbalanced wheel gives rise the problem of:

18770. Which one of the following is used as a nitrogenous fertiliser, as a weed killer in the onion fields and for correcting acidic soils ?

18771. Skidding of wheels avoided by:

18772. __________ catalyst is used in the production of urea from CO2 and NH3.

18773. Brake caliper is:

18774. 5-10-5 fertilisers mean that they contain

18775. The distance between the centre lines of the front and the rear axies is called:

18776. Color of nitric acid is light yellow due to the presence of

18777. Top of the wheel slants vertically outward is called:

18778. Catalytic ammonia synthesis reaction as in Haber's process is

18779. Cold rating is associated with:

18780. Tricresyl phosphate is chemically represented as

18781. Spark developed in spark plug when:

18782. Steam reforming of naphtha produces ammonia synthesis gas. This is a/an __________ process.

18783. Turn ratio is associated with:

18784. With increases in pressure, the conversion of ammonium carbamate into urea

18785. R.P.M of an engine can be measured with:

18786. Raw materials for nitric acid manufacture are

18787. Folo-------------Thru drive employed in:

18788. Phosphorus vapour comprises of

18789. Sealed beam unit is a part of:

18790. Conversion of yellow phosphorous to red phosphorous is done by heating it in covered retorts at __________ °C in absence of air.

18791. M.T is related to:

18792. Commercial fertilisers are available mostly in the form of

18793. Speed limit is included in:

18794. Super elevation is-----------------of a horizontal curved portion of a roa

18795. Ammonia synthesis gas is produced from natural gas by

18796. Super elevation is---------------of a horizontal curved portion of a roa

18797. A fare that is proportionate to the distance travelled is known as:

18798. Hydraulic mean depth (Dm) for a circular pipe of diameter 'D' flowing full is 0.25 D. For a circular channel, at Dm = 0.3 D, gives the condition for the maximum

18799. The Motor vehicle to which semitrailer is attached is called:

18800. The head loss in turbulent flow in a pipe varies

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