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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 384

19201. Correction for capillary effect in manometers (used for pressure measurement) need not be applied, if diameter of the manometer tube is __________ mm.

19202. Differential manometer measures the

19203. The pressure and power requirement of a gas fan at constant speed & capacity varies __________ the gas density.

19204. Isothermal turbulent flow of a fluid results in decrease of its pressure, which depends on the

19205. Boundary layer thickness in laminar flow over a flat plate increases as(where, d = distance from the leading edge.)

19206. Gradually varied flow in open channel is a/an __________ flow.

19207. The line of action of the buoyant force acts through the

19208. Cavitation in a centrifugal pump can be avoided by keeping the

19209. Vane anemometer

19210. The peripherial velocity at inlet of a centrifugal pump having inlet diameter of 25 cms and rotating at 950 rpm is __________ m/sec.

19211. Laminar flow is characterised by the nonexistence of

19212. The length of the tube necessary for the boundary layer to reach the centre of the tube and for fully developed flow to be established is called the __________ length.

19213. Select the correct practical example of steady non-uniform flow.

19214. Hydraulic diameter for non-circular ducts is equal to __________ times the area of flow divided by the perimeter.

19215. Terminal velocity is

19216. Consider two pipes of same length and diameter through which water is passed at the same velocity. The friction factor for rough pipe is f1 and that for smooth pipe is f2. Pick out the correct statement.

19217. For an incompressible fluid, the bulk modulus of elasticity is

19218. A fluid is a substance, that

19219. The pressure intensity is the same in all directions at a point in a fluid

19220. Which of the following must be followed by the flow of a fluid (real or ideal)? (I) Newton's law of viscosity. (II) Newton's second law of motion. (III) The continuity equation. (IV) Velocity of boundary layer must be zero relative to boundary. (V) Fluid cannot penetrate a boundary.

19221. Mach number is defined as the ratio of the local flow velocity to the sonic velocity in the fluid. For what value of Mach number, the gases are considered incompressible ?

19222. Boundary layer exists in flow

19223. Rubber latex is an example of __________ fluid.

19224. Velocity head on sudden enlargement in a horizontal pipe is converted into __________ head.

19225. The frictional resistance in laminar flow does not depend on the

19226. A venturimeter measures the

19227. Gradually varying fluid flow is an example of __________ flow.

19228. Drag is the force component exerted on an immersed object,

19229. To handle smaller quantity of fluid at higher discharge pressure, use a __________ pump.

19230. Cocks are used to control

19231. If in a flow field, between any two points, then the flow must be

19232. The dimension of surface tension is

19233. The synonym of ‘Emphasis’

19234. The friction factor is

19235. Rubber latex is an example of a __________ .fluid.

19236. Which of the following factors does not contribute to the pressure drop in a pipeline ?

19237. The phenomenon occuring during pumping of a liquid solution containing dissolved gases, which may come out of the solution giving rise to gas pockets, is termed as

19238. Working of a __________ pump characterises mixed flow.

19239. The RBI Governor who became the Prime Minister of India.?

19240. The rate of change of moment of momentum represents the __________ by the fluid.

19241. Cd for the orifice plate varies from

19242. The discharge through a V-notch weir varies as

19243. Water flow rate in a pipe of 3.5 metres diameter can be most economically and conveniently measured by a/an

19244. The specific speed of a pump is defined as the speed of a unit of such a size, that it

19245. In case of venturimeters, friction losses are about __________ percent of maximum velocity head.

19246. With increase in the schedule number of a pipe of a particular nominal size, the

19247. Turbine impeller

19248. Friction produced by the formation of wakes is called the __________ friction.

19249. Various efficiencies of a centrifugal pump are related as (where, ηm = mechanical efficiency ηv = volumetric efficiency. ηma = manometric efficiency ηo = overall efficiency)

19250. When the pipe Reynold's number is 6000, the flow is generally

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