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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 400

20001. Oxygen content in a flue gas was found to be 4%. It implies that excess air used for combustion was around __________ percent.

20002. As time passes, the calorific value of stored coal

20003. Stack (chimney) height in a big thermal power plant is dictated by the

20004. A coal having high ratio of volatile matter to fixed carbon as compared to a coal having low ratio of volatile matter to fixed carbon

20005. Which of the following fuels is the best for burning on chain grate stoker ?

20006. The cuprous chloride used in orsat apparatus can absorb

20007. Coal tar fuels (CTF) as compared to petroleum based fuel oils have higher

20008. Mott and Wheeler test is conducted on coke to find its

20009. The pyragallol solution used in orsat apparatus can absorb

20010. Gray-King Assay and Roga Index of coal is a measure of its

20011. While the first commercial low temperature coal carbonisation plant is located at Neyveli (in Chennai), the second such plant has been built at

20012. Low temperature oxidation of coal resulting from bad storage conditions does not decrease its

20013. Main use of soft coke is as __________ fuel.

20014. Desirable "Micum Index" values of metal-lurical coke are

20015. In low temperature carbonisation of coal, the

20016. Low temperature oxidation and spontaneous combustion of freshly mined coal is accentuated, if

20017. Coking time in narrow by-product coke ovens is around __________ hours.

20018. Blast furnace gas is a very poisonous gas because of its predominantly high __________ content.

20019. Which of the following is a lean fuel gas ?

20020. Which of the following fuel gases will require maximum amount of air for combustion of 1 Nm3 gas ?

20021. High rate of heating of coke ovens

20022. A certain thickness of the coal, if stored unscientifically on soft (katcha) ground having no metallic/concrete flooring gets sunked into the ground, which is termed as the 'carpet loss'. The carpet loss may be of the order of __________ cms.

20023. Coalification means the

20024. Hard coke is manufactured from

20025. Percentage of nitrogen in blast furnace gas may be around

20026. Very __________ coals are completely devoid of cokability i.e, it is non coking.

20027. Nitrogen in coal

20028. Advantages of fluidised bed combustion are

20029. The fuel ratio of a coal is

20030. Ash content in the coke produced from a coking coal having 20% ash may be around __________ percent.

20031. Which of the following is not endothermic?

20032. High sulphur content in a fuel __________ of the flue gases.

20033. Ash content in the middling coal (a byproduct of coal washeries) in India ranges between __________ percent.

20034. Fuel combustion is never cent per cent efficient due to

20035. Traces of tar fog present in the coke oven gas is removed by

20036. Ionisation potential applied across the electrodes of electrostatic tar precipitator is around

20037. Pitch creosote mixture (PCM) as compared to furnace oil is a better fuel, because its

20038. Optimum preheating temperature for pitch creosote mixture (PCM) which is also termed as C.T.F-200, before atomisation through burners is

20039. Benzol is used

20040. A travelling grate stoker is meant for the efficient burning of __________ coal.

20041. ERNET is implemented by:

20042. Percentage of carbon monoxide in blast furnace gas may be around

20043. The main drawback of supplying more excess air in the combustion of fuel is the

20044. Width of the coke oven towards coke side is slightly more than that on pusher side to

20045. __________ process is meant for direct hydrogenation of coal to produce liquid fuel.

20046. Producer gas containing least amount of tar is produced by the

20047. Air/gas ratio for complete combustion will be the highest for

20048. Beehive coke oven

20049. Turndown ratio of a gas burner is equal to the

20050. Which of the following fuels is generally not used in thermal power plant boiler firing?

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