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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 404

20201. Which of the following fuels has the highest calorific value per unit mass (kcal/kg) ?

20202. With increase in the time of carbonisation at a particular temperature (say 1000°C), the __________ percentage in coke oven gas increases.

20203. During its calorific value determination by bomb calorimeter, coal is combusted by

20204. Abel apparatus is used for those oils, whose flash points are___°F.

20205. Oxygen required for theoretically complete combustion of 1 Nm3 methane is __________ Nm3.

20206. Bomb calorimeter is used for the determination of calorific value of the __________ fuels.

20207. As the C/H ratio of the fuel increases, the amount of CO2 formed on combustion __________ for the same percentage of excess air.

20208. Which of the following fuel gases has the highest calorific value ?

20209. Calorific value as determined by bomb calorimeter is the

20210. Which of the following can be made into briquettes without the use of a binder ?

20211. As the equilibrium moisture content of the coal increases, its

20212. Which of the following is a measure of the agglutinating (i.e., binding) property of coal?

20213. During coal carbonisation process, the conversion of semi-coke to coke is accompanied by an increase in the __________ of the mass.

20214. Blast furnace gas burns with a bluish flame, because of the presence of

20215. Which of the following is not a by-product fuel?

20216. Lignite is

20217. Shatter index of metallurgical coke on 2 inches and 0.5 inch screen should be respectively around __________ percent.

20218. Naphthalene recovered from coke oven gas is used

20219. Method of maintaining fires in furnace during standby periods without undue consumption of fuel is called

20220. Quantity of coke produced from metallurgical coal may be around __________ percent.

20221. Coal is heated in presence of air to a temperature of about __________ °C, while determining its ash content for proximate analysis.

20222. Out of the following fuels, the difference between gross and net calorific value will be minimum in case of

20223. Fuel for a fast breeder nuclear reactor is

20224. Which of the following gaseous fuels is likely to have the highest gross calorific value?

20225. Which of the following is called "blue gas" ?

20226. Caking index of a coal is a measure of its

20227. Calorific value of furnace oil is about __________ Kcal/kg.

20228. Universal Decimal Classification(UDC)is an example of:

20229. Which one of the following is an open source library software?

20230. Removal of hydrogen from coke oven gas

20231. If oxygen content in the flue gas rises too high, fuel is being wasted by

20232. Increase in ash content of blast furnace coke

20233. Safe condition for storage of high V.M. bituminous coal is that

20234. Ignition temperature of a fuel in air is __________ that in pure oxygen.

20235. Coking time in a commercial high temperature coal carbonisation plant is about __________ hours.

20236. Which of the following has the least calorific value (kcal/Nm3) ?

20237. Commercial production of petrol from coal (as practised in a factory at Sasol in South Africa) is done by the __________ of coal.

20238. The combustion reaction, C + O2 = CO2, is

20239. For maximum discharge through a chimney, its height should be

20240. Which of the following is not applicable to fluidised bed combustion of coal ?

20241. Coal containing large quantity of __________ are difficult to wash.

20242. Which of the following is not a micro component present in coal ?

20243. Calorific values of both the solid as well as the liquid fuels can be determined by __________ calorimeter.

20244. A coal containing high amount of volatile matter will have

20245. The maximum adiabatic flame temperature in air is __________ the maximum flame temperature in pure oxygen.

20246. Which of the following gaseous fuels has the highest net calorific value (kcal/Nm3)?

20247. Which of the following is coking ?

20248. Undercharging of coal in the by-product coke ovens results in

20249. During the carbonisation of coal

20250. Which of the following petrological constitutes is responsible for bright and lustrous black band of bituminous coal ?

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