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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 471

23551. Vulcanisation of raw rubber makes it

23552. Polycaprolactum (Nylon - 6) is produced by the condensation polymerisation of caprolactum at 240-280°C in which the conversion of caprolactum is about __________ percent.

23553. Which kind of bearing is used when a motor is to be mounted horizontally?

23554. Hot drink (e.g, tea) cups are usually made of

23555. The rotor of a motor runs at 1410 R.P.M and the synchronous speed is 1500 R.P.M .What is the slip of motor?

23556. Polyurathane can not be used for making

23557. Polystyrene is a light, transparent, thermoplastic material used for making

23558. Cation exchange resins (0.3 to 1 mm size) used in water treatment is prepared from __________ resins.

23559. Valcunisation of rubber decreases its

23560. Plastic articles are normally produced by __________ moulding.

23561. Thermocole (expanded polystyrene) is not used for

23562. Linear polymers are normally

23563. Alkyd resin can not be used for making

23564. Turbo alternators usually have

23565. Main constituent of cotton fibre is

23566. Which of the following is not a thermoplastic material ?

23567. Which of the following is an inorganic polymer ?

23568. __________ moulding is used for shaping of thermosetting plastics exclusively.

23569. Bristles of tooth brushes are made of

23570. If the meter constant mentioned in the meter is 1500 revolution/K.W.H,in one revolution,the energy consumption is

23571. An unknown voltage is to be measured,which measuring range will you select first?

23572. Liners of bags are usually made of

23573. Poly Vinyl chloride (PVC) is a __________ material.

23574. Temperature and gage pressure maintained during the manufacture of hot SBR (styrene butediene rubber) are

23575. Polystyrene is a __________ plastic at room temperature.

23576. Amino resins are used in paper treatment to improve its

23577. The inter particle forces between linear chains in nylon-66 are __________ bonds.

23578. Molecular weight of polymers are in the range of

23579. The physical state in which polymers exist is

23580. Orion is

23581. Acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene (ABS) copolymer, which is produced by blending styrene-acrylonitfile copolymer with butadiene based elastomer, is a/an

23582. Contact lenses for eyes are made of perspex, which is nothing but

23583. The repeating units of PTFE are

23584. Low pressure Zeigler process of polythene manufacture

23585. __________ are produced by reacting polybasic acid (e.g. phthalic anhydride) with polyhydric alcohol (e.g., glycerol).

23586. Which of the following is an elastomer ?

23587. Alkyd resin e.g., glyptal resin formed by phthalic anhydride and glycerene is not used

23588. The monomer for the production of neoprene rubber is

23589. A copolymer is formed by the combination of two or more monomer molecules

23590. Thermoplastic resins usually

23591. The resistance of the starting winding

23592. Caprolactum, a raw material for the manufacture of nylon-6, is produced from

23593. The monomer of poly vinyl chloride (PVC) is

23594. Buna-S is also known as

23595. The purpose of the capacitor in a fan is to be

23596. The Wagon Tragedy of the Malabar rebellion took place in:

23597. The __________ of a vapor pressure thermometer is a functioning element.

23598. A negative gain margin expressed in decibels means a/an __________ system.

23599. Thermistor, which has high temperature co-efficient of resistivity, is used as the sensing element in resistance thermometer. It is a/an

23600. Flapper nozzle is used in a/an __________ controller.

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