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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 566

28301. For M 150 grade concrete (1:2:4) the moment of resistance factor is

28302. For a ribbed slab

28303. The maximum ratio of span to depth of a slab simply supported and spanning in two directions, is

28304. The neutral axis of a T-beam exists

28305. A pre-stressed concrete member is preferred because

28306. If W is the uniformly distributed load on a circular slab of radius R fixed at its ends, the maximum positive radial moment at its centre, is

28307. A very comfortable type of stairs is

28308. A ribbed slab is provided for

28309. For a number of columns constructed in a rcjw, the type of foundation provided, is

28310. As the percentage of steel increases

28311. If W is weight of a retaining wall and P is the horizontal earth pressure, the factor of safety against sliding, is

28312. Based on punching shear consideration, the overall depth of a combined footing under a column A, is

28313. An intermediate T-beam reinforced with two layers of tensile steel with clear cover 13 cm encasted with the floor of a hall 12 metres by 7 metres, is spaced at 3 metres from adjoining beams and if the width of the beam is 20 cm, the breadth of the flange is

28314. Pick up the assumption for the design of a prestressed concrete member from the following :

28315. If the diameter of the main reinforcement in a slab is 16 mm, the concrete cover to main bars is

28316. Side face reinforcement shall be provided in the beam when depth of the web in a beam exceeds

28317. The stresses developed in concrete and steel in reinforced concrete beam 25 cm width and 70 cm effective depth, are 62.5 kg/cm2 and 250 kg/cm2 respectively. If m = 15, the depth of its neutral axis is

28318. The angle of repose of a soil is the maximum angle which the outer face of the soil mass makes

28319. A column is regarded as long column if the ratio of its effective length and lateral dimension, exceeds

28320. Enlarged head of a supporting column of a flat slabs is technically .known as

28321. The section of a reinforced beam where most distant concrete fibre in compression and tension in steel attains permissible stressess simultaneously, is called

28322. The width of the flange of a L-beam, should be less than

28323. A singly reinforced concrete beam of 25 cm width and 70 cm effective depth is provided with 18.75 cm2 steel. If the modular ratio (m) is 15, the depth of the neutral axis, is

28324. The weight of reinforced concrete, is generally taken as

28325. The zone in which transverse bending is likely to occur may be obtained by drawing a line from the faces of the column making an angle θ° with horizontal where θ° is

28326. If P kg/m2 is the upward pressure on the slab of a plain concrete footing whose projection on either side of the wall is a cm, the depth of foundation D is given by

28327. According to load factor method, the permissible load W on a short column reinforced with longitudinal bars and lateral stirrups, is

28328. In a cantilever retaining wall without a heel slab

28329. The design of heel slab of a retaining wall, is based on the maximum bending moment due to:

28330. A per IS : 1343, total shrinkage for a pretensioned beam, is

28331. The Young's modulus of elasticity of steel, is

28332. The maximum permissible size of aggregates to be used in casting the ribs of a slab, is

28333. In a simply supported slab, alternate bars are curtailed at

28334. The diameter of main bars in R.C.C. columns, shall not be less than

28335. The breadth of a ribbed slab containing two bars must be between

28336. The minimum thickness of the cover at the end of a reinforcing bar should not be less than twice the diameter of the bar subject to a minimum of

28337. For the design of a simply supported T-beam the ratio of the effective span to the overall depth of the beam is limited to

28338. In the zone of R.C.C. beam where shear stress is less than 5 kg/cm2, nominal reinforcement is provided at a pitch of

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