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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 629

31451. A fixed beam is subjected to ment M0 as shown in the figure. The fixed end moments will be :

31452. Consider the following steps : 1. Driving sheet piles surrounding a vibration-receiving structure. 2. Digging a trench around a source of vibration. 3. Placing rubber mountings between a machine causing vibration and its base. Active isolation of vibration can be achieved by

31453. Two reservoirs at different surface elevations are connected by a set of two pipes A and B of same diameter and length in parallel. If the friction factor of A is 4 times that of the pipe B, what is the ratio of the discharge in A to that in B ?

31454. Which of the following should be employed to provide lateral support to the beams ? 1. Bracing of compression flanges. 2. Shear connectors. 3. Bracing of tension flanges 4. Embedding compression flanges into R.C.C. slab. Select the correct answer using the codes given below :

31455. Which type of light energy is effectively absorbed by CO2 in the lower boundary of the troposphere ?

31456. The following steps are involved in laying a sewer in a trench : 1. Transferring the center line of the sewer to the bottom trench. 2. Setting sight rails over the trench. 3. Driving pegs to the level of the invert line of the sewer. 4. Placing the sewer of these steps is The correct sequence of these steps is

31457. A horizontal rod AB carries three loads of 3.0 kg, 7.0 kg and 10.0 kg at distances of 2.0 cm, 9.0 cm and 15 cm respectively from A where it is hinged. Neglecting the weight of the rod, which is the point at which the rod will be balance ?

31458. Distemper is used to coat

31459. Two simply supported beams B1 and B2 have spans l and 2l respectively. Beam B1 has a cross-section of 1 x 1 units and beam B2 has a cross-section of 2 x 2 units. These beams are subjected to concentrated loads W each at the centre of their spans. The ratio of the maximum flexural stress in these beams is

31460. കൊല്ലം ജില്ലയിലെ കടലോരപ്ര ദേശങ്ങളായ നീണ്ടകര, ചവർ, കോവിൽത്തോട്ടം എന്നീ സ്ഥലങ്ങൾ എന്തിനു പേരുകേട്ടതാണ്? [Kollam jillayile kadalorapra deshangalaaya neendakara, chavar, koviltthottam ennee sthalangal enthinu perukettathaan?]

31461. രണ്ടാം മില്ലേനിയത്തിലെ അവസാനത്ത ദിവസം? [Randaam milleniyatthile avasaanattha divasam?]

31462. പഞ്ചായത്ത് രാജ് ഇന്ത്യയിൽ ആദ്യ മായി അവതരിപ്പിച്ചത് ഏതു സംസ്ഥാനത്താണ്? [Panchaayatthu raaju inthyayil aadya maayi avatharippicchathu ethu samsthaanatthaan?]

31463. Nandigram', of West Bengal is in the district of

31464. Lottery was first started in

31465. If the diameter of sewer is 225 mm, the gradient required for generating self cleansing velocity, is

31466. Which among the following space agencies released the first ever image entire universe (an all-sky image) very recently?

31467. The non-clog pump which permits solid matter to pass out with the liquid sewage, is

31468. Assertion (A) : Discharging the effluents from the oxidation ponds just up stream of lakes or reservoirs is undesirable. Reason (R) : The discharged algae get settled in the reservoirs and cause anaerobic decomposition and other water qualities.

31469. The width of a rectangular sewer is twice its depth while discharging 1.5 m/sec. The width of the sewer is

31470. The code name given to India's first atomic explosion at Pokran in 1974 is

31471. In olden days the type of section adopted in trunk and out fall sewers was

31472. For the survival of fish in a river stream, the minimum dissolved oxygen is prescribed

31473. In a fully mechanised composting plant, involves

31474. G-15, the Economic Organisation of Developing countries was formed in the year

31475. If the over land flow from the critical point to the drain is 8 km and the difference in level is 12.4 m, the inlet time is

31476. An inverted siphon is designed generally for

31477. A rainfall may be classified as acidic if its pH value is less or equal to

31478. When drainage to sewage ratio is 20, the peak dry weather flow is

31479. For treating the sewage of a large city, you will recommend

31480. Which of the following American President is related with “Gettysberg speech”?

31481. The dimensions of a rectangular settling tank are : length 24 m, width 6 m and depth 3 m. If 2 hour detention period for tanks is recommended, the rate of flow of sewage per hour, is

31482. The screens are fixed

31483. In primary sedimentation, the 0.2 mm inorganic solids get separated if specific gravity is

31484. Which of the following is not a tributor of Bharathappuzha

31485. Clogging of sewers, is caused due to

31486. A sewer pipe contains 1 mm sand particles of specific gravity 2.65 and 5 mm organic particles of specific gravity 1.2, the minimum velocity required for removing the sewerage, is

31487. The coagulant widely used for sewage treatment, is

31488. House connections to the laterals is generally made by

31489. The ratio of maximum sewage flow to average sewage flow for mains up to 1 m in diameter, is

31490. Dilution method of disposing off sewage, is not preferred to

31491. For house drainage minimum gradient is

31492. If the side of a square sewer is 1000 mm, the diameter of a hydraulically equivalent circular section, is

31493. The ratio of minimum hourly flow to the average flow of sewage is

31494. Bio-chemical oxygen demand (BOD) for the first 20 days in generally referred to

31495. Flocculated particles do not change their

31496. For non-scouring velocity 5 m/sec, the type of sewers generally preferred to, is

31497. Disposal to sewage in large cities, is done in

31498. For the COD test of sewage, organic matter is oxidised by K2Cr207 in the presence of

31499. In R.C. sewer pipes, the percentage longitudinal reinforcement to the cross-sectional area of concrete is kept

31500. The asbestos cement pipes are generally laid

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