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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 845

42251. Which Indian city hosted the 3rd G-20 Framework Working Group (FWG) meeting?

42252. Which Indian personality will lead Indian Parliamentary delegation in the 136th Assembly Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)-2017?

42253. Which cricket team has won the 2017 Deodhar Trophy?

42254. Which world leader stated that global warming is not mankind's fault and instead of trying to stop it we have to somehow adapt to it?

42255. Which tiger reserve has become the India's first tiger reserve to get official mascot?

42256. It is in this State, the BHEL commissioned a 800 MW supercritical thermal power plant recently.

42257. Union Minister for Transport, Nitin Gadkari inaugurated a new centre for child cancer patients in which city?

42258. Who of the following recently became the first Muslim to join the Emergency Service Unit of the New York City Police Department?

42259. Which bank was adjudged the 'Best Small Bank for 2016'?

42260. Which country has become the world's first country to ban metal mining nation wide?

42261. Indian Navy has recently launched Integrated Automatic Aviation Meteorological System (IAAMS) in which state?

42262. This bank recently opened 40 transformed branches - 'Ananya'.

42263. Which Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) has signed MoU with Indian Army to strengthen critical technological areas in the armed forces?

42264. Which Indian cricketer was conferred with the Padma Shri by the President of India in 2017?

42265. Who of the following was honoured with the Asian Player of the Year 2016 by the Asian Hockey Federation?

42266. Which of the following tiger reserve became the first in India to officially introduce a mascot named Bhoorsingh the Barasingha?

42267. Which Indian personality was inducted into the international advisory board of Atlantic Council?

42268. The second unit of Kudankulam Nuclear Power plant, which started commercial generation of power recently, is located in

42269. The Union Government lowered interest rates on Small Savings Scheme by

42270. The CCEA approved this policy to clear 31 GW pending power projects.

42271. Which of the following became the world's first country to ban metal mining?

42272. The second Annual Meeting of the New Development Bank began in

42273. The Union Cabinet approved the revised Air Services Agreement (ASA) with this country recently.

42274. It is with this institute the Indian Army signed a MoU to strengthen critical technology areas.

42275. Hridaya Narain Dixit was elected as the Speaker of this State's Legislative Assembly.

42276. The Centre on Integrated Rural Development for Asia and the Pacific (CIRDAP) will be established in

42277. India Open Super Series badminton tournament is being held in

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