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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 878

43901. Who is contributed with the 2017 Young Scientist award from the Indian National Science Academy (INSA)?

43902. Who is appointed as General Manager (GM) of the Eastern railways?

43903. Which department launched a new e-facility to link a person's Aadhaar with the PAN?

43904. How many comapnies are listed in the "Aon Best Employers India in the 2017" award?

43905. Which of the following is the first state of introducing a logo for identifying vehicles driven by persons with hearing impairment?

43906. What is the theme of International Nurse day 2017?

43907. Which Indian captain was named skipper of Cricket Australia's Greatest Champions Trophy XI?

43908. Who is appointed as the secretary of Department of Telecommunications (DOT)?

43909. Which city ranked tops a list of 22 tech cities across the world in affordable living?

43910. Who is appointed as the goodwill ambassador for hepatitis?

43911. Which Public service commission decided to share online scores of candidates taking competitive exams in order to boost hiring by the private sector?

43912. India's first electric radio cabs trial is launched in _______________.

43913. Anil K Gupta have been appointed as General Manager (GM) of _____________ Zone.

43914. Sakshi Malik and these 2 women wrestler won silver in Asian Wrestling Championship?

43915. Which ex-India player awarded an honorary life membership to the Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC)?

43916. Nitin Gadkari launched the NHAI __________ bond at the London Stock Exchange.

43917. What are the names of the two missiles in the Spyder missile?

43918. Which Union Minister launched the mobile app of (MHA) Grievances Redressal Mobile Application and Border Security Force (BSF)?

43919. Which organization launched the National Contact Centre with a toll-free No 1800111950?

43920. Which country tests a "Lunar Palace" for simulating a lunar-like environment on earth?

43921. Who is elected as the head of FIFA's governance Committee?

43922. Who is conferred with the Woodrow Wilson Award for Global Corporate Citizenship?

43923. Which country will host the 2017 Arctic Energy Summit (AES)?

43924. Which country will host first-ever One Belt One Road (OBOR) Summit?

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