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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 906

45301. The aspect ratio of the tyre is the ratio of:

45302. The excessive positive camber on wheel causes the tyre to wear:

45303. The cone clutches are used in:

45304. Which type of the tyre gives riding comfort at slow speed?

45305. Which are the valves included in combination valves in hydraulic brake system?

45306. Minimum age for securing an Indian union driving license with authorization to drive transport vehicle:

45307. Which tool is used to give uniform tightness in a bolt or stud?

45308. Who of the following won the gold medal in men's trap event at the 60th National Shooting Championship for Shotgun in Jaipur?

45309. What are the regulators are not necessary in charging system used with alternator?

45310. The head lamp reflectors are made:

45311. Sludge is formed when the oil is mixed with:

45312. S.Stands for:

45313. Which gas is inflated in the air bag during collision?

45314. Super charging in S.I.engine the possibility of detonation is:

45315. The land surrounded by sea on three sides is called:

45316. Who started the Weekly, Harijan?

45317. The twin of Narmada river:

45318. Latitude and Altitude determines which climatic elements of a place:

45319. Which of the latitudes passes through the middle of our country?

45320. Which prevents the southwest monsoon winds from escaping from India?

45321. National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development was established in:

45322. NOAPS-poverty alleviation scheme benefits which section of people:

45323. The only state in India that shows an excess of females over males is:

45324. Ranapratap Sagar dam is located in:

45325. The first organized agitation against orthodoxy in Kerala,for the rights of the depressed classes:

45326. Who published Vivekodayam?

45327. One important work of Chavarachan:

45328. Saivaprakasika Sabha started by:

45329. Which header was arrested during the time of Swati Tirunal Maharaja for his progressive ideas?

45330. For the outstanding services to his community he was nominated by the Travancore Government as a member of the Sree Moolam Praja Sabha:

45331. Who among the following resigned from the membership of the Viceroys Executive Council as a protest against Jallian WallaBagh massacre?

45332. During the company rule the widow Remarriage Act was drafted by:

45333. Number of east flowing rivers in Kerala:

45334. Oldest sports in the world:

45335. The founder of Sidhadramam at Alathur in Palghat District was:

45336. Name the leader who came into limelight during the Electricity Agitation of 1936

45337. Who is known as’Haryana Hurricane’?

45338. Rakhi Gadi,the latest Indus Valley Site discovered is located in

45339. Which/who of the following is the custodian of the Constitution of India?

45340. International Day for the elimination of violence against women is observed on

45341. Fundamental Duties were incorporated in the Indian Constitution in

45342. Jawahar Rozgar Yojana was introduced in:

45343. ’Romancing with Life’was written by

45344. PURA(Providing Urban Amenties to Rural Areas)Project was inaugurated in which state?

45345. Which country will be the SAARC cultural capital for the year 2015-2016?

45346. The Nair Service Society(NSS)was founded on

45347. The first travelogue in Malayalam,Varthamanapustakam.(Book of News)was written by

45348. Mahakavi Kumaran Asan’s famous poem.Veenapoovu.was first published in

45349. Name the welfare programme implemented for providing electrification of houses of SC/ST is

45350. Which scheme envisions a bank account for each person in the country?

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