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46451. The ODBC Level 1 API contains which of the following functions?

46452. In OLE DB, a service provider:

46453. In OLE DB, a tabular data provider:

46454. The ODBC Level 2 API contains which the following functions?

46455. In ODBC, a data source that is local to a single computer is called a:

46456. ________ is a cover for utilizing OLE DB that is designed for use by almost any language.

46457. A file data source is one that is local to a single computer.

46458. An application that uses the ODBC interface could process any database that is ODBC-compliant without any program coding changes.

46459. An OLE DB rowset is equivalent to a cursor.

46460. ODBC is a foundation of data access in the specifically Microsoft world.

46461. An abstraction is a generalization of something.

46462. An OLE DB interface is specified by a set of objects and the properties and methods that they expose.

46463. A OLE DB rowset is an abstraction of a relation, which in turn is an abstraction of a recordset.

46464. ODBC identifies two types of drivers: single tier and multiple-tier.

46465. A data source is an ODBC data structure that identifies a database and the DBMS that processes it.

46466. Users of OLE DB functionality are referred to as data providers.

46467. A user data source is one that can be shared among database users.

46468. ODBC provides an interface by which Web server programs can access and process relational data sources in a DBMS-independent manner.

46469. OLE DB tabular data providers present data in the form of rowsets.

46470. The ADO connection object is created after the ADO errors object is created.

46471. The process of defining a system data source name involves specifying the type of driver and the identity of the database to be processed.

46472. ODBC conformance levels specify which SQL statements, expressions, and data types a driver can process.

46473. A OLE DB collection is an object that contains a group of other objects.

46474. OLE DB has two types of data providers: tabular data providers and service providers.

46475. The driver manager processes ODBC requests and submits specific SQL statements to a given type of data source.

46476. ADO overlies the more complex OLE DB model, and can be called for scripting languages but not programming languages.

46477. ODBC minimum SQL grammar contains which of the following?

46478. When using ODBC, which of the following processes ODBC requests and submits specific SQL statements to a given type of data source?

46479. The ODBC core API consists of which of the following functions?

46480. ________ is a simple object model that is easier to understand and use than OLE DB, and is frequently used for database applications.

46481. ODBC core SQL grammar contains which of the following?:

46482. Who appoints the chairman of UPSC?

46483. Who was the first recipient of Ezhutachan Puraskaram?

46484. The last Asian games was held in:

46485. Name the organization founded by Pandit Karuppan:

46486. The first woman President of Indian National Congress:

46487. The blocking factor is:

46488. Which of the following improves a query's processing time?

46489. Which of the following are integrity controls that a DBMS may support?

46490. Which of the following is not a factor to consider when switching from small to large block size?

46491. What is the best data type definition for Oracle when a field is alphanumeric and has a fixed length?

46492. A secondary key is which of the following?

46493. The fastest read/write time and most efficient data storage of any disk array type is:

46494. A rule of thumb for choosing indexes for a relational database includes which of the following?

46495. Sequential retrieval on a primary key for sequential file storage has which of the following features?

46496. A multidimensional database model is used most often in which of the following models?

46497. Two basic constructs to link one piece of data with another piece of data: sequential storage and pointers.

46498. Denormalization and clustering can work well to minimize data access time for small records.

46499. Hashing algorithm converts a primary key value into a record address.

46500. The primary goal of physical database design is data processing efficiency.

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