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26. Statements: All windows are doors. No door is wall. Conclusions: No window is wall. No wall is door.

27. Statements: Most teachers are boys. Some boys are students. Conclusions: Some students are boys. Some teachers are students.

28. Statements: No man is a donkey. Rahul is a man. Conclusions: Rahul is not a donkey. All men are not Rahul.

29. Statements: Some books are pens. No pen is pencil. Conclusions: Some books are pencils. No book is pencil.

30. Statements: All men are married. Some men are educated. Conclusions: Some married are educated. Some educated are married.

31. Statements: All tubes are handles. All cups are handles. Conclusions: All cups are tubes. Some handles are not cups.

32. Statements: No magazine is cap. All caps are cameras. Conclusions: No camera is magazine. Some cameras are magazines.

33. Statements: All huts are mansions. All mansions are temples. Conclusions: Some temples are huts. Some temples are mansions.

34. Statements: Some books are tables. Some tables are mirrors. Conclusions: Some mirrors are books. No book is mirror.

35. Statements: All trucks fly. Some scooters fly. Conclusions: All trucks are scooters. Some scooters do not fly.

36. Statements: Raman is always successful. No fool is always successful. Conclusions: Raman is a fool. Raman is not a fool.

37. Statements: Some desks are caps. No cap is red. Conclusions: Some caps are desks. No desk is red.

38. Statements: Some hens are cows. All cows are horses. Conclusions: Some horses are hens. Some hens are horses.

39. Statements: All water is divine. All temples are divine. Conclusions: All water is temple. All temples are water.

40. Statements: All men are dogs. All dogs are cats. Conclusions: All men are cats. All cats are men.

41. Statements: All young scientists are open-minded. No open-minded men are superstitious. Conclusions: No scientist is superstitious. No young people are superstitious.

42. Statements: Some pastries are toffees. All toffees are chocolates. Conclusions: Some chocolates are toffees. Some toffees are not pastries.

43. Statements: All boys are honest. Sachin is honest. Conclusions: Sachin is a boy. All honest persons are boys.

44. Statements: All pens are roads. All roads are houses. Conclusions: All houses are pens. Some houses are pens.

45. Statements: All artists are smokers. Some smokers are drunkards. Conclusions: All smokers are artists. Some drunkards are not smokers.

46. Statements: All cars are cats. All fans are cats. Conclusions: All cars are fans Some fans are cars.

47. Statements: All branches are flowers. All flowers are leaves. Conclusions: All branches are leaves. All leaves are branches. All flowers are branches. Some leaves are branches.

48. Statements: Some bags are pockets. No pocket is a pouch. Conclusions: No bag is a pouch. Some bags are not pouches. Some pockets are bags. No pocket is a bag,

49. Statements: All aeroplanes are trains. Some trains are chairs. Conclusions: Some aeroplanes are chairs. Some chairs are aeroplanes. Some chairs are trains. Some trains are aeroplanes.

50. Statements: All politicians are honest. All honest are fair. Conclusions: Some honest are politicians. No honest is politician. Some fair are politicians. All fair are politicians.

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