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76. Statements: Some uniforms are covers. All covers are papers. All papers are bags. Conclusions: All covers are bags. Some bags are covers, papers and uniforms. Some uniforms are not papers.

77. Statements: No rabbit is lion. Some horses are lions. All rabbits are tables. Conclusions: Some tables are lions. Some horses are rabbits. No lion is table.

78. Statements: All benches are desks. Some desks are roads. All roads are pillars. Conclusions: Some pillars are benches. Some pillars are desks. Some roads are benches. No pillar is bench.

79. Statements: Some dogs are rats. All rats are trees. Some trees are not dogs. Conclusions: Some trees are dogs. All dogs are trees. All rats are dogs. No tree is dog.

80. Statements: Some bricks are trees. All trees are pens. All pens are boats. Conclusions: Some boats are bricks. Some pens are bricks. Some trees are bricks. Some bricks are boats.

81. Statements: All cups are glasses. Some glasses are bowls. No bowl is a plate. Conclusions: No cup is a plate. No glass is a plate. Some plates are bowls. Some cups are not glasses.

82. Statements: Some trains are roads. No road is jungle. All flowers are jungles. Conclusions: Some trains are flowers. Some trains are jungles. Some flowers are trains. No road is flower.

83. Statements: All doors are buses. All buses are leaves. No leaf is a flower. Conclusions: No flower is a door. No flower is a bus. Some leaves are doors. Some leaves are buses.

84. Statements: All oceans are rivers. Some springs are rivers. All wells are springs. Conclusions: Some springs are oceans. Some wells are rivers. Some rivers are oceans. No well is river.

85. Statements: Some tigers are lions. Some lions are rabbits. Some rabbits are horses. Conclusions: Some tigers are horses. Some rabbits are tigers. Some horses are lions. All horses are rabbits.

86. Statements: Some spoons are bowls. All bowls are knives. All knives are forks. Conclusions: All spoons are forks. All bowls are forks. Some knives are bowls. Some forks are spoons.

87. Statements: All pencils are birds. All birds are skies. All skies are hills. Conclusions: All pencils are hills. All hills are birds All skies are pencils. All birds are hills.

88. Statements: No tree is fruit. All fruits are stones. All stones are rains. Conclusions: No stone is tree. No rain is tree. Some rains are fruits. Some rains are trees.

89. Statements: All players are spectators. Some spectators are theatres. Some theatres are dramas. Conclusions: Some dramas are spectators. Some players are dramas. Some theatres are players. All spectators are players.

90. Statements: All doors are roads. No road is fruit. Some flowers are doors. Conclusions: Some fruits are doors. Some fruits are flowers. Some roads are flowers. No fruit is flower.

91. Statements: All needles are threads. All threads are boxes. All trees are boxes. Conclusions: No needle is tree. Some trees are threads. Some boxes are needles. Some trees are needles.

92. Statements: No house is school. All colleges are schools. All schools are teachers. Conclusions: No house is teacher. All colleges are teachers. Some teachers are not houses. No college is house.

93. Statements: Some pearls are stones. Some stones are diamonds. No diamond is a gem. Conclusions: Some gems are pearls. Some gems are diamonds. No gem is a diamond. No gem is a pearl.

94. Statements: All rods are bricks. Some bricks are ropes. All ropes are doors. Conclusions: Some rods are doors. Some doors are bricks. Some rods are not doors. All doors are ropes.

95. Statements: All myths are fictions. No fiction is novel. All novels are stories. Conclusions: No myth is novel. Some fictions are novels. Some fictions are myths. Some myths are novels.

96. Statements: No paper is pen. No pen is pencil. All erasers are papers. Conclusions: Some papers are erasers. No pencil is eraser. No pen is eraser. All papers are erasers.

97. Statements: No man is sky. No sky is road. Some men are roads. Conclusions: No road is man. No road is sky. Some skies are men. All roads are men.

98. Statements: All buildings are windows. No toys is building. Some tigers are toys. Conclusions: Some tigers are buildings. Some windows are tigers. All toys are tigers. Some windows are toys.

99. Statements: Some papers are cats. All cats are bats. No bat is horse. Conclusions: Some papers are horses. No horse is cat. Some bats are papers. All papers are bats.

100. Statements: Some tapes are discs. Some discs are cassettes. Some cassettes are songs. Conclusions: Some songs are discs. Some cassettes are tapes. Some songs are tapes. No song is a disc.

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