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1. Before any changes to database structure are attempted one should first:

2. Which of the following modifications may not succeed?

3. How can you find rows that do not match some specified condition?

4. A regular subquery can be processed:

5. What SQL command can be used to add columns to a table?

6. The EXISTS keyword will be true if:

7. Changing cardinalities in a database is:

8. The NOT EXISTS keyword will be true if:

9. The data model that is produced from reverse engineering is:

10. To drop a column that is used as a foreign key, first:

11. What SQL command will allow you to change the table STUDENT to add the constraint named GradeCheck that states that the values of the Grade column must be greater than 0?

12. Which is not true of a correlated subquery?

13. A tool that can help designers understand the dependencies of database structures is a:

14. How many copies of the database schema are typically used in the redesign process?

15. Because of the importance of making data model changes correctly, many professionals are ________ about using an automated process for database redesign.

16. A correlated subquery is processed as a nested subquery.

17. A regular subquery is processed from the bottom up.

18. Correlated subqueries are similar to a regular subquery.

19. Database redesign is especially difficult if the database has no data.

20. Some organizations take the stand that no application should ever employ the true name of a table.

21. The use of the double NOT EXISTS can be used to find rows that do not match some specified condition.

22. Although creating test databases is a critical and necessary job, there are few career opportunities in this area.

23. Because of the need for extensive knowledge of SQL, many database developers choose to automate the redesign process.

24. The data model produced from the reverse engineering process does not include intersection table data.

25. If a database is built correctly the first time, it will not have to be redesigned.

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