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65051. Pollination by birds is called?

Answer: Ornithophily

65052. Which country is also known as the 'Gold Coast’?

Answer: Ghana

65053. Information Technology Act was enacted in India in?

Answer: 2000

65054. Who is the author of “The wall of glass”?

Answer: K.A.Abbas

65055. Who is the author of “ Poovampazham”?

Answer: Karoor Neelakanda Pillai

65056. World's longest suspension bridge?

Answer: Akasi Kaikyo Bridge (1990 meters) in Japan

65057. Who is the author of Nine Days Wonder ?

Answer: John Masefield

65058. The Kurchyas and Kurumbas of Wynad rose in revolt against the British in ?

Answer: 1812

65059. Who is the author of Riding the Nuclear Tiger?

Answer: N. Ram

65060. Which is a process that converts carbon dioxide into organic compounds; especially sugars; using the energy from sunlight?

Answer: Photosynthesis

65061. Which was the first detective novel?

Answer: Bhaskara Menon (1904) by Appan Thampuran

65062. Who is the author of “Life of Pi”?

Answer: Yann Martel

65063. Who wrote Politics ?

Answer: Aristotle

65064. Who is the author of “ Sopanam”?

Answer: Balamani Amma

65065. Who is the author of “Henry Esmond”?

Answer: Thackeray

65066. The Currency of Cuba?

Answer: Peso

65067. Largest; Biggest & heaviest?

Answer: Jupiter

65068. What is known as the' Bible of English Liberty'?

Answer: The Magna Carta

65069. First President of the Chinese Republic?

Answer: Sun Yat-Sen (1912)

65070. Mandan Muttappa

Answer: Vaikom Muhammed Basheer

65071. Which missionary is the author of Balabhyasanam (1867)?

Answer: Rv. George Mathan

65072. Who was the first Central Cabinet Minister from Kerala?

Answer: Dr.John Mathai (1947- 50)

65073. Name the first warship built with iron plates?

Answer: 'The Warrior'

65074. Who is the author of “Ain-i-Akbari”?

Answer: AbulFazal

65075. Who is the author of “Radhayethedi”?

Answer: Sugathakumari

65076. Who is the author of “Our Presidents”?

Answer: M.A.Naidu

65077. Who is the creator of the famous character Jean Valjin?

Answer: Victor Hugo

65078. Who is the author of “The Tradition of Non- Use of Nuclear Weapons”?

Answer: T.V Paul

65079. Which King of Travancore opened the First modern factory for the manufacture of coir at Alleppey (1859)?

Answer: Utram Thirunal Marthanda Varma.

65080. Who is the author of “Doctor’s Dilemma”?

Answer: G.B.Shaw

65081. Father of tragic dramas?

Answer: Aeschilus

65082. Which place is known as the 'Vrindavan of Kerala'?

Answer: Malampuzha gardens

65083. Normal count level of RBC in Blood ?

Answer: 5 million ccg Blood.

65084. Which War was fought between Russia and the alliance of England; France; Turkey and Sardinia?

Answer: Crimean War (1853-1856)

65085. Which organ of the body is affected by Goitre?

Answer: Thyroid

65086. Who is the author of Great Tragedy?

Answer: l.A. Bhutto

65087. Who is the author of “End of an Era”?

Answer: C.S.Pandit

65088. Who is the author of How to change the world ?

Answer: Eric Hobsbawm

65089. The main function of …… is to control the level of sugar in the body?

Answer: Insulin

65090. Who is the author of “The Tempest; ”?

Answer: William Shakespeare

65091. A market condition of ’Number of sellers – one; Number of buyers – Large’ is known as?

Answer: Monopoly

65092. Central Scientific Instruments Organisation is located at?

Answer: Chandigarh (Chandigarh).

65093. Who is the inventor of Film (talking)?

Answer: Warner Bros.

65094. The scientific name of Indian elephant is?

Answer: Elephas maxims

65095. The Capital of Ireland (or Eire)?

Answer: Dublin

65096. Who is the author of “ Rehasyam “?

Answer: Karoor Neelakanda Pillai

65097. Who is the founder of Wiki Leaks?

Answer: Julian Assange

65098. Who is the author of “Ganadevata”?

Answer: Tara Shankar Bandyopadhyaya

65099. Who is the author of Freedom from Fear ?

Answer: Aung San Suu Ki

65100. Which state is known as "Gods own Country"?

Answer: Kerala
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