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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1303

65151. Who is the author of “Bend in the Ganges”?

Answer: Manohar Malgonkar

65152. Who is the author of “The Wig my father wore”?

Answer: Ann Enright

65153. Zhivago

Answer: Boris Pasternak

65154. Roof of the World?

Answer: The pamirs (Tibet)

65155. Who is the author of War of Indian Independence ?

Answer: Vir Savarkar

65156. The Currency of Uganda?

Answer: Ugandan Shilling

65157. In which district Palaruvi Falls is found?

Answer: Kollam

65158. Who is the author of “Age of Reason”?

Answer: Jean-Paul Sartre

65159. Who is the author of All the Prime Minister's Men?

Answer: . Janardhan Thakur

65160. League of Nations was the predescessor of?

Answer: UNO

65161. Air Force Flying College is located at?

Answer: Jodhpur (Rajasthan)

65162. Who discovered Blood Circulation system in(1628)

Answer: William Harvey

65163. When the English defeated Napolean Bonaparte in 1813 he was deported to?

Answer: Elba

65164. Who is the author of “Defence Without Drift”?

Answer: P.V.R.Rao

65165. The birth place of Prophet Muhammed?

Answer: Mecca

65166. E.C.G test is used to diagnose?

Answer: Heart Diseases

65167. Name the instrument used to measure plant response to various stimuli?

Answer: Crescograph

65168. Who is the author of “the Professor; ”?

Answer: Charlotte Bronte

65169. The native place of potato; a tuber crop; is?

Answer: America

65170. Jayalakshmi Cup is associated with?

Answer: National Table Tennis Championship (Women)

65171. Pakistan proclaimed itself an Islamic Republic in ?

Answer: 1956

65172. A genetic illness that causes dysfunction in one of the blood's clotting mechanisms?

Answer: Hemophilia

65173. Who is the author of “The Tin Drum”?

Answer: Gunter Grass

65174. Largest Corridor (World)?

Answer: Rameswaram Temple

65175. Kashmir of Europe?

Answer: Switzerland

65176. Who is the author of “ Surviving Men”?

Answer: Shobha De

65177. Who is the author of Interpretation of Dreams’?

Answer: Sigmond Freud

65178. Who is the author of Bang-e-Dara ?

Answer: Mohamed Iqbal

65179. Fastest Train (World)?

Answer: French T.G.V.

65180. Which was the first central jail established in Kerala?

Answer: Kannur Central Prison-1969

65181. Marthandavarma’s dedication of his kingdom to Sri. Padmanabaha of Trivandrum is known as ?

Answer: Thrippatidanam

65182. Who is the author of “Expanding Universe”?

Answer: Arthur Stanley Eddington

65183. "Cordelia; Desdemona; Hamlet;"

Answer: Shakespeare

65184. In which year Television broadcasting was started in Kerala?

Answer: January 1982 in Thiruvananthapuram

65185. Fastest Animal at short run?

Answer: Cheetah

65186. Who is the author of “Daughter of the East”?

Answer: Mrs.Benazir Bhutto

65187. The population of the world in 2011 is around ?

Answer: 7 billion

65188. African Development Bank (ADB) was formally established in ?

Answer: 1964

65189. Who assumed power after the Glorious revolution occurred in England?

Answer: Mary; the daughter of Charles I and her husband William of Orange

65190. Who is the author of Memories of World War II ?

Answer: Winston Churchill

65191. Which place was captured by Israel in the 1967 from Egypt?

Answer: Gaza Strip

65192. First Woman Judge in Supreme Court?

Answer: Fathima Beevi

65193. Who is the author of “Year of the Vulture”?

Answer: Amita Malik

65194. ….. is characterized by insufficient erythrocytes of haemoglobin?

Answer: Anaemia

65195. Who is the author of Light That Failed ?

Answer: Rudyard Kipling

65196. Who is the author of “ Vazhakula”?

Answer: Changampuzha Krishna Pilla

65197. Leprosy is also known as ?

Answer: Hansen's disease.

65198. Who is known as Maid of Orleans ?

Answer: Joan of Arc

65199. Grand National is associated with?

Answer: Horse Steeple Chase Race (England)

65200. Who is the author of Through the Looking Glass?

Answer: Lewis Carroll
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