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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1339

66951. Who is the author of The Pasture ?

Answer: Robert Frost

66952. Life span of platelets is ?

Answer: 7 days

66953. Who is the author of “Ignited Mind”?

Answer: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

66954. Who is the author of Kapal Kundala?

Answer: Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

66955. Longest Mountain Range (World)?

Answer: Mt. Andes (South America) (8; 800 km)

66956. Who is the author of His Majesty's Opponent Subhas Chandra Bose & India's struggle against Empire?

Answer: Sugata Bose

66957. The Nedumcotta or the ‘Travancore lines’ was built by?

Answer: Dharmaraja.

66958. Moinuddowla Gold Cup is associated with?

Answer: Cricket

66959. Who is the author of “Rediscovering Dharavi”?

Answer: Kalpana Sharma

66960. The Malayalam film' Kerala Simham' was directed by?

Answer: Navodaya Appachan

66961. The first 'shot' of Cold War was fired by?

Answer: Winston Churchill

66962. Who is the author of “Marthanda Varma”?

Answer: CV Raman Pillai

66963. Who is the author of Return of the Native?

Answer: Thomas Hardy

66964. The second Atom Bomb was dropped in Nagasaki on ?

Answer: 9-Aug-45

66965. Who is the author of “Northanger Abbey”?

Answer: Jane Austen

66966. Ayyappan Marthanda Pillai was the Chief Minister of?

Answer: Dharmaraja

66967. Who is the author of ‘The Count of Monte Cristo’?

Answer: Alexander Dumas

66968. Who is the author of “The Divine Comedy”?

Answer: Dante

66969. America was discovered by ?

Answer: Christopher Columbus in 12th October 1492

66970. Who is the author of “Mathilukal”?

Answer: Vaikom Muhammed Basheer

66971. Who is the author of “Lajja”?

Answer: Taslima Nasreen

66972. The Capital of Northern Ireland?

Answer: Belfast

66973. School of Foreign Languages is located at?

Answer: New Delhi.

66974. Hermit Kingdom?

Answer: Korea

66975. Who is the inventor of Sewing Machine?

Answer: Issac Singer

66976. Who is the author of “In Light of lndia”?

Answer: Octavia Paz

66977. Who is the author of “To Live or not to Live”?

Answer: Nirad C.Chowdhury

66978. Greatest of the Pyramids was the Great Pyramid at Giza built by ?

Answer: Pharoh Khufu

66979. Who is the author of “ Rathrimazha “?

Answer: Sugathakumari

66980. Budapest is on the bank of which River?

Answer: Danube

66981. Who is the author of “Moti Mahal”?

Answer: Gopinath Mohanty

66982. Ability of organism to prepare its own food ?

Answer: Autotrophic

66983. Who is the author of “ Confession of a lover”?

Answer: Mulk Raj Anand

66984. Who is the author of “The Autobiography of an Unknown Indian”?

Answer: Nirad C. Chauduri

66985. Who was the first to calculate the diameter of the Moon ?

Answer: Hipparchus

66986. On which date Pedro Alvarez Cabral reached Cochin?

Answer: 24 December; 1500.

66987. Who is the author of “Murder on the Orient Express”?

Answer: Agatha Christie

66988. "Oliver Twist; Pip; Estella;"

Answer: Charles Dickens

66989. Who is the author of “The Insider; ”?

Answer: Narasimha Rao

66990. Cockpit of Europe?

Answer: Belgium

66991. Oxford University was founded in ?

Answer: 1163 AD

66992. Who is the author of “Red Star Over China”?

Answer: Edger Snow

66993. First British Governor-General in India?

Answer: Warren Hastings

66994. Highly developed means of communication found in honey bee?

Answer: Bee dance

66995. The term Bacteria was coined by ?

Answer: Christian Gottfried Ehrenberg in 1838.

66996. Smallest State in Population?

Answer: Sikkim (India)

66997. Though IMF was established in 1945; its operations began only on?

Answer: 1-Mar-47

66998. Slavery was abolished in Travancore in 1812by ?

Answer: Rani Gauri Lakshmi Bai

66999. Deepest Mines (India)?

Answer: Kolar Gold Fields (Karnataka)

67000. Who is the author of “Bhagavatham Kilippattu”?

Answer: Ezhuthachan
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