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70801. How many persons sighed in The Malayali Memorial ?

Answer: 10;028

70802. Sankaracharya (788 - 820 AD) the great Advaita philosopher was an younger contemporary of ?

Answer: Kulasekhara Alwar.

70803. Who is the author of Jane Eyre ?

Answer: Charlotte Bronte

70804. Who is the author of Kapala Kendala ?

Answer: Bankim Chandra Chatterjee

70805. Which is a scheme of AMMA for giving monthly stipend to actors who are at their elder ages or are suffering from serious diseases?

Answer: Kaineettam

70806. Who is the author of “Broken Wing”?

Answer: Sarojini Naidu

70807. The revolt against the 4I year long ruled Muammer Gaddafi in Libya began on?

Answer: February 15 -2011

70808. Prithi Singh Cup is associated with?

Answer: Polo

70809. Who is the author of Major Barbara ?

Answer: George Bernard Shaw

70810. Anaxagoras and Euclid were famous Mathematicians from ?

Answer: Greek

70811. Who is the creator of the famous character “Alice”

Answer: Lewis Carroll

70812. Who is the author of India for a Billion Reasons?

Answer: Amit Dasgupta

70813. Who is the inventor of Geiger counter?

Answer: Geiger

70814. Who is the author of “Vinay Patrika”?

Answer: Tulsidas

70815. Who is the author of “Much Ado About Nothing”?

Answer: Shakespeare

70816. How many countries are members of ADB?

Answer: 67 members - of which 48 are from within Asia and the Pacific and 19 outside

70817. Who is the author of “Wilhelm Meister”?

Answer: Goethe

70818. Who is the author of “The Pilgrim's Progress”?

Answer: John Bunyan

70819. Who was the first European to reach Latin America ?

Answer: Christopher Columbus

70820. Largest Stadium?

Answer: Strahov Stadium. It can accommodate around 240; 000 people in Prague; Czech

70821. Centre for Cellular and Molecular Biology is located at?

Answer: Hyderabad

70822. Who is the author of “Comedy of Erros”?

Answer: Shakespeare

70823. Plants which trap insects and other small creatures on their sticky leaves?

Answer: Carnivorous plants Ex Venus- fly trap

70824. Who was the First Malayali Swimmer to participate in Olympic Games?

Answer: Sebastian Xavier

70825. Greek critics considered ……as the aim of tragedies?

Answer: Catharsis

70826. Who is the author of ‘Baalyakaala Sakhi’?

Answer: Vaikkom Muhammad Basheer

70827. Anglicanism was led in England by ?

Answer: King Henry VlII and Queen Elizabeth

70828. Who is the author of Much Ado About Nothing?

Answer: Shakespeare

70829. Who is the author of Past and Present?

Answer: Thomas Carlyle

70830. Who is the author of “ Jaguar Smile”?

Answer: Salman Rushdie

70831. Dance form in Mexico is known as ?

Answer: Jarabe Tapatio

70832. Who is the author of “ I am not an island”?

Answer: K.A.Abbas

70833. On which mountain the figures of four American Presidents are engraved ?

Answer: Mount Rushmor

70834. The Currency of El Salvador?

Answer: Colon

70835. Who said ‘The remedy is worse than the disease’?

Answer: Bacon

70836. The viruses eating (destroying) bacteria and were invented by d'Herelle ?

Answer: Bacteriophages

70837. Who is the author of “Letter from Peking”?

Answer: Pearl S Buck

70838. The first Atom Bomb was dropped in Hiroshima by America on ?

Answer: August 6; 1945.

70839. By which treaty Kayarnkulam became a vassal of Travancore?

Answer: Treaty of Mannar (1742)

70840. Who discovered West Indies and thought it was India in 1492?

Answer: Christopher Columbus

70841. Tetanus causing bacteria is ?

Answer: Clostridium tetani

70842. National Dairy Research Institute is located at?

Answer: Karnal (Haryana).

70843. Who is the author of Bitter Sweet?

Answer: Noel Coward

70844. Who is the author of “ The Ground Beneath her Feet”?

Answer: Salman Rushdie

70845. Who questioned the Sale of Indulgence?

Answer: Martin Luther

70846. Punalur Plywood Factory was started during the period of?

Answer: Sri Chitra Thirunal.

70847. Who is the author of “Alphabet of Lust”?

Answer: Kamala Das

70848. Who is the author of White House Years?

Answer: Henry Kissinger

70849. The Krishnapuram Palace near Kayalamkulam was built by?

Answer: MarthaiKlavarma.

70850. Who is the author of “Laws Versus Justice”?

Answer: V.R.Krishna Iyer
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