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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1425

71251. The Longest Play?

Answer: The Mouse-Trap (Agatha Christie’s Novel)

71252. The Capital of India?

Answer: New Delhi

71253. The amount of air moving in and out of lungs during each breath is called?

Answer: Tidal volume

71254. Vitamin C is also called?

Answer: Ascorbic Acid

71255. Where is the only cantonment in Kerala located?

Answer: Kannur

71256. Which writer received Jnanapith Award in 1984”?

Answer: Thakazhi Siva Sankara Pillai

71257. Greeks were collectively known as?

Answer: Hellenes

71258. Jerusalem Synagogue built by King Solomon was destructed in 587 BC by ?

Answer: Nebukanisar; The Babilonian king

71259. Who is the author of “ Dwandhayudham “?

Answer: Malayattoor Ramakrishnan

71260. Whch is the world's most ferocious fresh water fish?

Answer: Piranha

71261. Who is the author of “Prathama Pratishruti”?

Answer: Ashapurna Devi

71262. Princess Diana was killed in a car accident in?

Answer: Paris on 31 August 1997

71263. Who is the author of “Apple Cart”?

Answer: G.B.Shaw

71264. Which city is the 100% urbanised city in the world?

Answer: Singapore

71265. The concept of rolling plan was accepted in?

Answer: 1977

71266. Who is the author of “The Bells”?

Answer: Edgar Allen Poe.

71267. Who is the inventor of Hydrogen?

Answer: Henry Cavendish

71268. Mamography test is used to diagnose?

Answer: Breast Cancer

71269. Who is the inventor of Kala-a-zar Fever?

Answer: U.N.Bramachari

71270. On which date Nehru Trophy Boat race is held in Punnarnada backwaters in Alappuzha?

Answer: Second Saturday of August every year

71271. Who is the author of “Viswarupam”?

Answer: Lalitham bika Antharjenam

71272. The central control of respiratory activity in human body is exercised by?

Answer: Medulla Oblongata

71273. Pollination between two flowers of one plant

Answer: Gytanogamy

71274. Largest Natural Harbour (India)?

Answer: Visakhapatnam

71275. Jetayu Para, a giant rock, is located at?

Answer: Chadayamangalam (Kollam)

71276. The Royal symbol of Chera's was ?

Answer: Tiger

71277. Isaac Newton was born in England in ?

Answer: 1642

71278. Dark Continent?

Answer: Africa

71279. Who is the author of “Robe”?

Answer: The L.C. Douglas

71280. Who is the author of Uncle Tom's Cabin?

Answer: Harriet Beecher Stowe

71281. Don Juan

Answer: Lord Byron

71282. Who is the author of Days of His Grace?

Answer: Eyvind Johnson

71283. Hitler and his wife Iva Brown committed suicide in?

Answer: 30-Apr-45

71284. Who is the author of “Viswambhara”?

Answer: Dr.C.N.Reddy

71285. Who is the author of “Tamerlaine the Great”?

Answer: Marlows Christopher

71286. The writings of ancient Rome are classified as ?

Answer: Latin Literature

71287. Political organisations which originated in Europe after the First World War were collectively known as?

Answer: Fascist Movements

71288. The largest blood vessel in the body is?

Answer: Aorta

71289. What is correcting errors in a program is called?

Answer: Debugging

71290. Smallest Union Territory in Population?

Answer: Lakshadweep (India)

71291. Which Diwan of Travancore started Postal Savings Scheme 1947?

Answer: Diwan Raghva Iyer

71292. Who is the author of The Pick up ?

Answer: Nadine Gordimer

71293. Who is the author of “Oedipus the King”?

Answer: Sophocles

71294. Who is the author of “In the company of women lave Truth and a little Malice”?

Answer: Khushwant Singh

71295. Who is the author of “Beyond Peace”?

Answer: Richard Nixon

71296. Who is the author of “Viswadarshanam”?

Answer: G. Sankara Kurup

71297. The organ in the body which accumulates iodine is ?

Answer: Thyroid gland

71298. The Treaty of VersaiIle's resulted in the foundation of ?

Answer: League of Nations in 1919

71299. Who is the author of “Greater Common Good”?

Answer: Arundhati Roy

71300. Who is the greatest of the Greek dramatists; who wrote famous tragedies?

Answer: Aesceles
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