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71951. Who is the creator of the famous characters "Madhavan; Panchu Menon"?

Answer: O. Chandu Menon

71952. Who founded Kerala Kaumudi in 1911?

Answer: C V Kunhiraman with K Sukumaran

71953. Who is the inventor of Aniline Dyes?

Answer: Hoffman

71954. Who is the author of Raghuvamsa ?

Answer: Kalidas

71955. (C.M.S College, the first college in Kerala was started at Kottayam in?

Answer: 1840

71956. Pazhassi tourism centre' is located in?

Answer: Mananthavady in Wynad

71957. Who is the author of “The Mill on the Floss”?

Answer: George Eliot

71958. Who is the author of “Pickwick Papers”?

Answer: Charles Dickens

71959. Das Capital was written by ?

Answer: KarIMarx

71960. Who is the author of “Ram Charit Manas”?

Answer: Tulsidas

71961. What was the slogan for the Year of Books (2002)?

Answer: "Books for All and All for Books"

71962. Which is the legal tender in a modem society?

Answer: Currency notes

71963. Name the philosopher who first articulated the concept of Pakistan in 1931?

Answer: Muhammed Iqbal

71964. Who renamed Leningrad back to St. Petersburg?

Answer: Gorbachov

71965. The ruler who led England after the Civil Warwas ?

Answer: Oliver Cromwell

71966. Largest ARCHIPELAGO?

Answer: Indonesia

71967. Who was the first Congress Chief Minister of Kerala?

Answer: R. Sankar.

71968. "Hari Pachanan;"

Answer: C.V.Ramanpilla

71969. The plants which perch on other plants but do not take nourishment from them ?

Answer: Epiphytes

71970. The biggest source of aid to the third world is ?

Answer: The World Bank

71971. Who is the author of “Child who never Grew”?

Answer: Pearl S Buck

71972. Who were the first to invent the system of Multiplication?

Answer: Mesopotamians

71973. Who is the author of The Unfinished Dream ?

Answer: Varghese Kurian

71974. Who is the author of It is Always Possible?

Answer: Kiran Bedi

71975. Which is the first malayalam cinemascope film?

Answer: Thacholi Ambu (1978) directed by Navodaya Appachan

71976. The Government Securities traded in the British Stock Exchange are known as?

Answer: Government Edge

71977. Bleeding in liver is known as ?

Answer: Liver Cirrhosis

71978. Who is known as the Architect of Thrissur Town?

Answer: SakthanThampuran

71979. Who is the creator of the famous characters “Appukili; Ravi; Mollakka”

Answer: OV.Vijayan

71980. Indian Military Academy is located at?

Answer: Dehra Dun; (Uttar Pradesh).

71981. Who is the author of “Man for All Seasons”?

Answer: Robert Bolt

71982. Who is the founder of Pakistan?

Answer: Muhammed Ali Jinna

71983. Island of Pearls?

Answer: Bahrain (Persian Gulf)

71984. Who was the wife of Socrates?

Answer: Zantippee

71985. Civil War in England started in the year ?

Answer: 1642

71986. Who was popularly known as Radio Ammavan?

Answer: P K Veera Raghavan Nair

71987. Who is the author of King Lear ?

Answer: William Shakespeare

71988. The first book on personal computers “Computer Liberation and Dream Machine”; was written by ?

Answer: Ted Nelson

71989. Who is the author of Issues of Science and Religion?

Answer: Ian Barbour

71990. Who is the author of God and the Bible '?

Answer: Mathew Arnol

71991. Chromosomes; other than the sex chromosomes; are called?

Answer: Autosomes

71992. Who is the author of “Shivaji; The Great Patriot”?

Answer: Lala Lajpat Rai

71993. Who is the author of “Seven summers”?

Answer: Mulk Raj Anand

71994. The Currency of Oman?

Answer: Omani Rial

71995. Who is the author of “Two Women”?

Answer: Alberto Moravia

71996. Who is the creator of PASCAL language?

Answer: Nikalus Writh

71997. Name the Plants grow in water?

Answer: Hydrophytes

71998. Who is the author of Androcles and the Lion ?

Answer: George Bernard Shaw

71999. BEG test is used to diagnose?

Answer: Brain Diseases

72000. The UN Charter was signed at ?

Answer: San Francisco on 26th June 1945 by Fifty nations
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