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72401. Who is the author of Fairie Queen?

Answer: Edmund Spenser

72402. The Renaissance painters painted directly on plaster walls called ?

Answer: Frescoes

72403. Who is the author of “Kranthadarshikal”?

Answer: Prof. S. Guptan

72404. The smallest ape is?

Answer: Gibbon.

72405. Who has the longest term as the Speaker of Kerala Legislative Assembly?

Answer: M. Vijayakumar

72406. What was the major occupation of the: people in the Sangham Period ?

Answer: Agriculture

72407. The first and only Cooperative Society of writers, authors and publishers (SPCS), for publishing books and periodicals was set up at Kottayam in?

Answer: 1945

72408. The Union of South Africa became a Republic on?

Answer: 31st May 1961

72409. In 1954 the US brought most of the South East Asian Countries under a common frame work modelled on NATO called ?

Answer: SEATO

72410. The Vaccine that is administered to prevent tuberculosis is ?

Answer: B.C.G (BacillusCalmetteGuerine) vaccine

72411. Who is the inventor of Laser?

Answer: Charles Townes

72412. Who is the author of Servants of India ?

Answer: RK Laxman

72413. The scientific name of Tapioca is?

Answer: Manihot Utilissima

72414. Ayyankali was nominated to the Srimulam Prajasabha in?

Answer: 1910

72415. Emma Woodhouse

Answer: Jane Austen

72416. Who is known as 'Payyoli Express'?

Answer: P T Usha

72417. Pazhassi Raja Memorial fame Manathawadi was earlier known as ?

Answer: Ananthancode.

72418. Who is the author of “The Social Contract”?

Answer: Rousseau

72419. Chinese call Mandarin language as?

Answer: 'Putoghua' (Common language)

72420. … is a copper containing respiratory pigment occurring in arthropods and molluses. It is much less efficient as oxygen carrier?

Answer: Haemocyanin

72421. Archemedes the originator of the law of specific gravity lived in which age ?

Answer: The Hellenistic Age

72422. Among the chief ministers listed below who did not complete the term of five years?

Answer: C. Achuthamenon; K. Karunakaran; E.K. Nayanar;A.K Antony D

72423. The Currency of Republic Yugoslavia?

Answer: Dinar

72424. Highest Leaning Tower (World)?

Answer: Leaning Tower; Pisa (Italy)

72425. Who is the author of Najma Heptullah?

Answer: Journey of a Legend

72426. The year in which the first census of Travancore was conducted by Swathi Thirunal is?

Answer: 1836

72427. The year in which Kerala State Film awards were started is?

Answer: 1969

72428. Who is the author of Death under Sail ?

Answer: C.P. Snow

72429. Nivarthana Agitation was in ?

Answer: 1932

72430. Who is the inventor of Electric Motor (DC)?

Answer: Zenobe Gramme

72431. After the death of Dharmaraja; Who came to the throne of Travancore?

Answer: Balarama Varma

72432. Maginot Line separates?

Answer: France and Germany.

72433. Whis is the Largest trees in plant world ?

Answer: Conifers

72434. The virus which attack bacteria is called?

Answer: Bacteriophage.

72435. Starch is a polymer of ?

Answer: Hexose Sugar

72436. Who is the author of I Follow the Mahatma ?

Answer: K M Munshi

72437. The scientific name of Potato is?

Answer: Solanum Tuberosum

72438. Who is the author of “Portrait of a Lady”?

Answer: Henry James

72439. 'Sarva Siksha Abhiyan' (SSA) launched on?


72440. The male sex hormone Testo-sterone is produced by ?

Answer: Leydig Cells

72441. Sigmond Freud belongs to which country?

Answer: Austria

72442. Who is the author of Man Who Changed China ?

Answer: Pearl S. Buck

72443. World Tourism Day is observed on?

Answer: 27-Sep

72444. The newspaper Santishtavadi was published in 1867 from?

Answer: Kottayam

72445. The Capital of Georgia?

Answer: Tbilisi

72446. Singing Bird?

Answer: Nightingale

72447. Which king of Travancore followed a policy of' blood and Iron'?

Answer: Marthandavarma

72448. Who is the author of “Divine Comedy”?

Answer: A Dante

72449. The Capital of Djibouti?

Answer: Djibouti

72450. ‘Marginal utility theory’ was concepetuallised by?

Answer: Alfred Marshall
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