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73551. Which State has the largest percentage of reserved parliamentary seats?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

73552. How is the climate of India is?

Answer: Subtropical monsoon

73553. Prof. Amartya Sen has earned worldwide distinction in which field /area?

Answer: Economics

73554. Which form of phosphorus is used in safety matches?

Answer: Red phosphorus

73555. Which groups of items contains only biodegradable items?

Answer: Wood; Grass; Leather

73556. Who is the Secretary General of UNO?

Answer: Bann-Ki-Moon

73557. A Cruciverbalist is interested in what?

Answer: Crossword Puzzles

73558. Where is ‘Ninety East Ridge’ situated?

Answer: Indian Ocean

73559. Which is not the concern of the local government?

Answer: Public Utility Services

73560. Purushsukta is a part of which veda?

Answer: Rigveda

73561. For which disease no vaccine is yet available?

Answer: Malaria

73562. Which are the working language(s) of the UNESCO?

Answer: English and French

73563. Of which sutra is the theam of the concept of Eight-fold path?

Answer: Dharma Chakara Pravartana Sutra

73564. How much daily intake of proteins is recommended for a moderately active women?

Answer: 46 gram

73565. To which river is the dockyard at 'Lothal is connected through' a channel?

Answer: Bhogavo

73566. What is the name of the scientist who stated that matter can be converted into energy?

Answer: Einstein

73567. In the case of a ‘test-tube baby’ where does fertilisation take place?

Answer: Outside the mother’s body

73568. Who was responsible for the integration of Indian Princely States?

Answer: Sardar Patel

73569. Which gland is situated beneath the brain and whose over-secretion produces giants-size children?

Answer: Pituitary

73570. Which was not included in the Eight Fold Path prescribed by Buddha?

Answer: Right knowledge

73571. How many country are represented in International Monetary Fund (IMF)?

Answer: 163

73572. By whom was the Cabinet Mission to India headed?

Answer: Lord Pethick Lawrence

73573. Hypermetropic people are what?

Answer: Long Sighted

73574. The Musalman; the handwritten daily newspaper in circulation since 1927; is published from which place?

Answer: Chennai

73575. In which state had Gautama Buddha had attained Mahaparinirvan?

Answer: Malia

73576. The element common to all the acids is known as which name?

Answer: Hydrogen

73577. According to Dalton’s atomic theory; which is the smallest particle which can exist independently?

Answer: An atom

73578. During the reign of Emperor Akbar; who where the famous men Haribans; Mukund and Daswant?

Answer: Painters

73579. What does increase in carbon dioxide in atmosphere cause?

Answer: Rise in earth temperature

73580. Who presided over the inaugural meeting of the Constituent Assembly of India?

Answer: Sachidananda Sinha

73581. Where was the first session of the Constituent Assembly held?

Answer: New Delhi

73582. Which was the first woman Governor of a State in free India?

Answer: Mrs. Sarojini Naidu

73583. Post and Telecommunication started in?

Answer: 1984

73584. If a pendulum is allowed to oscillate into jar containing water; what will its time period?

Answer: Increase

73585. The writer of Mahabhasya ‘Patanjali’ was a contemporary of which ruler?

Answer: Pushyamitra Sunga

73586. Which African country is richer than others in gold and diamond?

Answer: Zaire

73587. Magnetic dipole moment is a vector quantity directed from which direction?

Answer: South to north

73588. Masses of stars and galaxies are usually expressed in terms of which mass?

Answer: Solar mass

73589. Calamine is the ore what is the product?

Answer: Zinc

73590. Which place does Buyer’s market denote?

Answer: The demand exceeds the supply

73591. Abel Magwitch and Biddy appear in which Dickens book?

Answer: Great Expectations

73592. What happens when the water content in the atmosphere?

Answer: Decreases as temperature increases

73593. Who were the first to start a joint stock company trade with India?

Answer: Portuguese

73594. In which island of India is an active volcano found?

Answer: Barren Island

73595. Temporary hardness of water is due to the presence of which thing?

Answer: Magnesium bicarbonate

73596. Which part of cinchona plant yields quinine?

Answer: Bark

73597. The isotopes of chlorine with mass number 35 and 37 exist in which ratio?

Answer: 3:01

73598. What is the proportion of red blood corpuscles and white blood corpuscles in human body?

Answer: 500:1

73599. What is the smallest structural and functional unit of nervous system?

Answer: Neuron

73600. Why does Flower colour?

Answer: Due to anthocyanins
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