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75701. Which can one come across if one travels through the Strait of Malacca?

Answer: Singapore

75702. During the reign of Iltutmish which was a silver coin in use?

Answer: Tanka

75703. Who attended the Second Round Table Conference as the representative of the Congress?

Answer: Gandhiji

75704. What is in lichen symbiotic relationship between fungi and algae called?

Answer: Halotism

75705. The famous player Pele is associated with which game?

Answer: Football

75706. Which is a land-locked sea?

Answer: Aral Sea

75707. Who had the Revenue system during Akbar’s reign?

Answer: Todar Mal

75708. In which hemisphere does India lie?

Answer: Northern and eastern

75709. Which country won the Cricket World Cup in 2011?

Answer: India

75710. Where was the first oil well in India was dug?

Answer: Digboi

75711. Where was the All India Muslim League formed in 1906?

Answer: Dacca

75712. Which compound can not be used as nitrogenous fertilizer?

Answer: HNO3

75713. India is the seventh largest country in the world and how much does it cover a total area?

Answer: Approximately 3200000 sq. km

75714. Which chemical is most suitable to control storage insects on a small scale?

Answer: B. H. C.

75715. In which forest the maximum plant diversity is found?

Answer: Tropical evergreen forests

75716. Which day is celebrated as the International Labour Day?

Answer: 1-May-2017

75717. Which is a cash crop?

Answer: Rubber

75718. In 1889 a British Committee of the Indian National Congress was started. Who was its Chairman?

Answer: W. Wedderburn

75719. Who was associated with supression of Thugs?

Answer: Captain Sleeman

75720. When was World Council of Churches formally constituted?

Answer: 23rd August; 1948

75721. In which veda is the ancient time state craft and polity described?

Answer: Arthashastra

75722. When did Ikhtiyaruddin-bin-Bakhtiyar Khalji invade Bengal?

Answer: 1206 AD

75723. Sound become hazardous noise pollution at which level?

Answer: Above 80 dB

75724. Which ruler established embassies in foreign countries on modern lines?

Answer: Tipu Sultan

75725. The Rajatarangini by Kalhana 'is Sanskrit verse; when was it written?

Answer: 12th century A.D.

75726. How must be the The lines of force of a uniform magnetic field?

Answer: Parallel to each other

75727. To which battle of the beginning of the British political sway over India can be traced?

Answer: Plassey

75728. Who is well known for his contribution in the field of Algebra?

Answer: Bhaskara

75729. Which latitude passes through India?

Answer: Tropic of Cancer

75730. Megasthenese was the Ambassador of which ruler?

Answer: Seleucus Nikator

75731. How is Manimekalai is looked?

Answer: As the Odyssey of Tamil

75732. Anglo-Indian representatives in the Lok Sabha are nominated in terms of which Article?

Answer: 331

75733. Who is the world’s first woman cosmonaut?

Answer: Valentina Tereshkova

75734. Who is the first Air Chief to receive the honour of “Marshal”?

Answer: Arjun Singh

75735. Which Act formally introduced the principles of elections for the first time?

Answer: Indian Councils Act; 1909

75736. What is treatment of body defects through massage and exercise?

Answer: Physiotherapy

75737. Which coastline formed by the submergence of mountain ridges running parallel to the coast?

Answer: Dalmation coast

75738. One day in Mumbai a tide occurs at 00 A.M. when will it occur the next day?

Answer: 8 : 26 A.M.

75739. Which gas is most predominant in the Sun?

Answer: Hydrogen

75740. During which movement was ‘Mahatma’ added before Gandhiji’s name?

Answer: Champaran satyagraha

75741. Who is regarded as the founder of the scientific Socialism?

Answer: Karl Marx

75742. Where is the intensity of the earth’s gravitational field maximum?

Answer: At the pole

75743. Which is the country with the highest density?

Answer: Singapore

75744. Which Sikh Gurus started the Gurumukhi script?

Answer: Guru Angad

75745. Which radiation emitted from the sun has highest wavelength?

Answer: Micro waves

75746. What is associated with a savanna climate?

Answer: Scrub

75747. When was West African Monetary and Economic Union found?

Answer: 1994

75748. Among the Indian languages; which one is spoken maximum in the world after Hindi?

Answer: Bengali

75749. Which place gets the least rainfall?

Answer: Jodhpur

75750. When is World Hospice and Palliative Care Day observed?

Answer: 9-Oct
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