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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1754

87701. Which Amendment provided for an authoritative text of the Constitution in Hindi?

Answer: 58th

87702. Censure motion in Parliament should be supported by atleast ...... members?

Answer: 50

87703. Full statehood was granted to Arunachal Pradesh by .....amendment?

Answer: 55

87704. The Article of the Constitution related to the pardoning power of the President?

Answer: 72

87705. The maximum number of members in the Subordinate Legislation Committee?

Answer: 15

87706. The minimum age prescribed to become the Vice President of India?

Answer: 35

87707. The most powerful upper house of the Legislature in the world?

Answer: American Senate

87708. The number of members from Lok Sabha to the Public Accounts Committee?

Answer: 7

87709. The number of members from Rajya Sabha to the Public Accounts Committee?

Answer: 15

87710. ‘Right to equal opportunity for justice and free legal aid was added to Directive Principles through ..... amendment?

Answer: 42

87711. The 73rd Amendment of the Constitution was passed by both houses of Parliament in?

Answer: 1992

87712. The 84th amendment of the Constitution in 2000 created ...... states?

Answer: 3

87713. The Amendment that included Bodo, Dogri, Maithili and Santhali in the Eighth Schedule of the Constitution making a total of 22?

Answer: 92nd

87714. The Amendment that made the right to free and compulsory education a ‘Fundamental Right’?

Answer: 86th

87715. The Constitutional amendment granted a position of primacy to all Directive Principles over Fundamental Rights?

Answer: 42

87716. The Schedule of the Constitution that was added by 73rd Amendment?

Answer: 11

87717. The number of members in the estimate committee of Parliament?

Answer: 30

87718. The number of members in the Previlege Committee of Parliament?

Answer: 15

87719. The number of members in the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament?

Answer: 30

87720. Which Commonwealth country has the most powerful upper house?

Answer: Canada

87721. Who elects the deputy chairman of Rajya Sabha?

Answer: All the members of Rajya Sabha

87722. Who is the authority to grant permission to a member of Lok Sabha to speak in his mother tongue if he does not know English or Hindi?

Answer: Speaker

87723. The number of Articles under the Directive Principles when the Constitution was brought into force?

Answer: 16

87724. On which date Lok Sabha was formed?

Answer: 17th April; 1952

87725. Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA) was passed by the Parliament in?

Answer: 1971

87726. National Security Act (NSA) was passed by the Parliament in?

Answer: 1980

87727. Prevention of Terrorism Act (POTA) was passed by the Parliament in?

Answer: 2002

87728. In the case of resignation, a member of Lok Sabha must submit his resignation to?

Answer: Speaker

87729. In which kind of emergency can the salaries of even Supreme Court Judges be reduced?

Answer: Financial

87730. Number of Part A states in India when the Constitution was brought into force?

Answer: 9

87731. The date of first sitting of the first Rajya Sabha?

Answer: 13-May-52

87732. The first elected president of the Central Legislative Assembly?

Answer: Vithalbhai Patel

87733. The first speaker of Lok Sabha?

Answer: GV Mavlankar

87734. The most populated princely state at the time of independence?

Answer: Hyderabad

87735. When a proclamation of national emergency is in force, the term of Lok Sabha can be extended by Parliament for the first time for a period not exceeding ...... at a time?

Answer: One year

87736. Who determines whether a bill is money bill?

Answer: Speaker

87737. Who was known as ‘father of Lok Sabha’?

Answer: GV Mavlankar

87738. The interval between two consecutive sessions of Lok Sabha shall be less than ........ months?

Answer: 6

87739. Which Article of the Constitution is related to President’s rule in State?

Answer: 356

87740. Union Territory in South India to have Legislative Assembly?

Answer: Puducherry

87741. The tenure of the president of India is ...... years?

Answer: 5

87742. Supreme Commander of Armed Forces of India?

Answer: President of India

87743. In case of resignation, the President submits his resignation letter to?

Answer: Vice President

87744. The procedure for removing the President of India, if he violates the Constitution?

Answer: Impeachment

87745. The official residence of the President of India, Rashrapathi Bhavan, was designed by?

Answer: Edwin Lutyens

87746. The position of the President of India is similar to?

Answer: British Monarch

87747. The idea of elected president as the head of the state has been copied from?

Answer: Ireland

87748. Constitutional head of the state in India?

Answer: The President of India

87749. The executive powers of the union of India is vested with?

Answer: President

87750. Which Article of the Constitution related to impeachment of President?

Answer: 61
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