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You Are On Question Answer Bank SET 1784

89201. The King Srimulam Tirunal of Travancore passed away in?

Answer: 1924

89202. The Sahithya Pravarthaka Sahakarana Sangham started functioning based on Kottayam in?

Answer: 1945

89203. The second university of Kerala, the Calicut University was started fuctioning in?

Answer: 1968

89204. The year of Punnapra Vayalar agitation?

Answer: 1946

89205. Thumba Rocket launching station was started funtioning in?

Answer: 1963

89206. To which organisation, Thumba Rocket Launching Station was dedicated in 1968?

Answer: UNO

89207. Travacore and Cochin were integrated in?

Answer: 1949

89208. Udaya, the first film studio in Kerala was started funtioning at Alapuzha in?

Answer: 1948

89209. Who became the Chief Minister in TravancoreCochin after the first general election?

Answer: AJ John

89210. Who became the first Chairman of the Kerala Sahitya Academy in 1956?

Answer: Sardar KM Panicker

89211. Who established Kerala Kalamandalam at Cheruthuruthy in 1930?

Answer: Vallathol Narayana Menon

89212. Who got the first Odakkuzhal Award instituted by G.Sankara Kurup?

Answer: Vennikkulam

89213. Who pointed out the importance of Thattekkad for the first time which became a sanctuary in 1983?

Answer: Salim Ali

89214. Who was the first director of the Kerala Language Institute founded in 1968?

Answer: NV Krishna Varrier

89215. Who was the last chief minister of TravancoreCochin ?

Answer: Panampilly Govindamenon

89216. Who was the main leader of salt satyagraha in Kerala, which was organised as part of Civil Disobedience movement?

Answer: K Kelappan

89217. Who wrote the first detective novel in MalayalamBhaskaramenon in 1924?

Answer: Appan Thampuran

89218. Adoor Gopalakrishnan got national award for best director in 1972 for his first feature film?

Answer: Swayamvaram

89219. EMS became the chief minister of Kerala for the second time in the year?

Answer: 1967

89220. G Sankarakurup got the first Gyanpeet Award for ‘Odakkuzhal’ for the year?

Answer: 1965

89221. In which district is the headquarters of Kottakkal Arya Vaidhya Sala?

Answer: Malappuram

89222. In which district is Vallarpadam Container Terminal?

Answer: Ernakulam

89223. In which year Kerala won Santosh Trophy for the first time?

Answer: 1973

89224. The European power that renovated Mattancherry Palace?

Answer: The Dutch

89225. The first chairman of Kerala Public Service Commission?

Answer: V.K.Velayudhan

89226. The first EMS ministry ruled for....... months?

Answer: 28

89227. The first European fort in India was built at?

Answer: Kochi

89228. The head office of Kerala Public Service Commission is at?

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram

89229. The King of Travancore who constructed the ‘Puthan Malika’ or ‘Kuthira Malika’ in Thiruvananthapuram?

Answer: Swati Tirunal

89230. The Koyikkal Palace where Numismatics Museum is functioning is situated at?

Answer: Nedumangad

89231. The first MLA to be disqualified under the antidefection law in 1990?

Answer: R Balakrishna Pillai

89232. The first private channel in Kerala which started functioning in 1993?

Answer: Asianet

89233. The foundation of the first biological park in India was laid in 1992 at?

Answer: Agasthyarkutam

89234. The headquarters of Central university in Kerala?

Answer: Kazargod

89235. The headquarters of the Mahathma Gandhi University is situated at?

Answer: Athirampuzha

89236. The Kerala State Electricity Board was established in?

Answer: 1957

89237. Where is Banana Research Centre?

Answer: Kannara

89238. Where is Cardomom Research Centre?

Answer: Pampadumpara

89239. Where is Centre for Development of Imaging Technology (C-DIT) is situated?

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram

89240. Where is Coffee Research Centre?

Answer: Choondal

89241. Where is Ginger Research Centre?

Answer: Ambalavayal

89242. The headquarters of Marketfed?

Answer: Kochi

89243. Centre for Earth Science Studies (CESS)is at?

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram

89244. Indian Telephone Industries is situted at?

Answer: Kanjikode

89245. Kerala Minerals and Metals is situated at?

Answer: Chavara

89246. PT Usha Coaching Centre is at?

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram

89247. The headquarters of CBI in Kerala?

Answer: Kochi

89248. The headquarters of Kerala Live Stock Development Corporation ?

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram

89249. The headquarters of Kerala State Financial Enterprises (KSFE)?

Answer: Thrissur

89250. The headquarters of MILMA?

Answer: Thiruvananthapuram
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