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101801. The heaviest gaseous element?

Answer: Radon

101802. First man made element?

Answer: Technetium

101803. Most stable element?

Answer: Lead

101804. The periodic table is divided into 4 main blocks: they are?

Answer: S block - elements of group 1 and 2; P block - elements of group 13to 18; D block - elements of group 3 to 12; F block - Lanthanides and Actinides

101805. The shortest period of the periodic table?

Answer: First period

101806. The longest period of the periodic table?

Answer: Sixth period

101807. Elements with atomic number 57-71 are known as?

Answer: Lanthanides (rare earths)

101808. Elements with atomic number 89-103 are known as?

Answer: Actinides (radio active rare earths)

101809. Total number of elements in periodic table?

Answer: 118

101810. The number of naturally occurring elements?

Answer: 92

101811. The first artificial element?

Answer: Technetium (Z = 43)

101812. Man made elements are known as?

Answer: Transuranics

101813. Who Classified Elements as Metals and non-metals?

Answer: Lavoisier

101814. Who Classified Elements as Triads?

Answer: Dobereiner

101815. Law of octaves was propounded by?

Answer: John Newland

101816. Who Classified Elements based on atomic weight?

Answer: Mendeleev

101817. Who Classified Elements based on atomic number?

Answer: Moseley

101818. Element present in 1; 2 and 13-18 groups are known as;?

Answer: Representative elements

101819. All transitive elements are?

Answer: Metals

101820. Transitive elements form…?

Answer: Coloured compounds

101821. Which element is having the name of earth?

Answer: Tellurium (52)

101822. Which element is having the name of moon?

Answer: Selenium (34)

101823. Which element is having the name of Sun?

Answer: Helium (2)

101824. Which element is having the name of Asteroid?

Answer: Palladium (46)

101825. Which elements were named to honour women?

Answer: Curium (96) & Meitnerium (109)

101826. Which element is having the name of Ceres?

Answer: Cerium(58)

101827. Which element is having the Name of Uranus?

Answer: Uranium (92)

101828. Which element is having the Name of Neptune?

Answer: Neptunium (93)

101829. Which element is having the Name of Pluto?

Answer: Plutonium (94)

101830. The ability of an atom to accept the electrons during molecular bond formulation is known as?

Answer: Electro negativity

101831. കേരള ബ്ലാസ് ‌ റ്റേഴ് ‌ സ് യൂത്ത് അംബാസിഡര് ‍ [Kerala blaasu ttezhu su yootthu ambaasidaru ‍]

Answer: നിവിന് ‍ പോളി [Nivinu ‍ poli]

101832. ശുഭയാത്ര അംബാസിഡര് [Shubhayaathra ambaasidaru]

Answer: മോഹൻ ലാൽ [Mohan laal]

101833. അക്ഷയ പദ്ധതി അംബാസിഡര് [Akshaya paddhathi ambaasidaru]

Answer: മമ്മൂട്ടി [Mammootti]

101834. മേക്ക് ‌ ഇന് ‍ കേരള അംബാസിഡര് [Mekku inu ‍ kerala ambaasidaru]

Answer: മമ്മൂട്ടി [Mammootti]

101835. ഷീടാക്സി അംബാസിഡര് [Sheedaaksi ambaasidaru]

Answer: മഞ്ജു വാര്യർ [Manjju vaaryar]

101836. കേരള സോപ്പ് അംബാസിഡര് [Kerala soppu ambaasidaru]

Answer: കാവ്യ [Kaavya]

101837. കേരള ബാഡ്മിന്റൺ അംബാസിഡര് [Kerala baadmintan ambaasidaru]

Answer: സുരേഷ് ഗോപി [Sureshu gopi]

101838. കേരള ആയൂർവേദം അംബാസിഡര് [Kerala aayoorvedam ambaasidaru]

Answer: സ്റ്റെഫി ഗ്രാഫ് [Sttephi graaphu]

101839. കേരള ബാംബൂ കോർപറേഷൻ അംബാസിഡര് [Kerala baamboo korpareshan ambaasidaru]

Answer: ദിലീപ് [Dileepu]

101840. അതുല്യ പദ്ധതി അംബാസിഡര് [Athulya paddhathi ambaasidaru]

Answer: ദിലീപ് [Dileepu]

101841. റോഡ് സുരക്ഷ അംബാസിഡര് [Rodu suraksha ambaasidaru]

Answer: മോഹൻ ലാൽ [Mohan laal]

101842. ഹരിത കേരളം അംബാസിഡര് [Haritha keralam ambaasidaru]

Answer: കെ . ജെ യേശുദാസ് [Ke . Je yeshudaasu]

101843. മൃതസഞ്ജീവനി അംബാസിഡര് [Mruthasanjjeevani ambaasidaru]

Answer: മോഹന് ‍ ലാല് ‍ [Mohanu ‍ laalu ‍]

101844. കേരള ലഹരിവര് ‍ ജന മിഷന് ‍ അംബാസിഡര് [Kerala laharivaru ‍ jana mishanu ‍ ambaasidaru]

Answer: സച്ചിന് ‍ [Sacchinu ‍]

101845. കേരള ടേബിള് ‍ ടെന്നീസ് ഫെഡറേഷന് ‍ അംബാസിഡര് [Kerala debilu ‍ denneesu phedareshanu ‍ ambaasidaru]

Answer: കുഞ്ചാക്കോ ബോബന് ‍. [Kunchaakko bobanu ‍.]

101846. Electro negativity was discovered by?

Answer: Linus Pauling

101847. Electro negativity scale was invented by?

Answer: Linus Pauling

101848. The element which has most electro negativity?

Answer: Fluorine

101849. The elements which have least electro negativity?

Answer: Francium; Caesium

101850. Two types of reactions are?

Answer: Physical and Chemicalreactions
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