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116751. The major ingredient of leather is?

Answer: Collagen

116752. What are the soaps?

Answer: Sodium or potassium salts of heavier fatty acids

116753. How does common salt help in separating soap from the solution after saponification?

Answer: By decreasing solubility of Soap

116754. In vulcanisation, natural rubber is heated with?

Answer: Sulphur

116755. Deep blue colour is imparted to glass by the presence of?

Answer: Cobalt oxide

116756. Glass is made of the mixture of?

Answer: Sand and silicates

116757. The vast resources of unutilised natural gas can be used in the production of?

Answer: Fertilisers

116758. Paper is manufactured by?

Answer: Wood; calcium; hydrogen sulphite and resin

116759. Gypsum is added to cement clinker to?

Answer: Decrease the rate of setting of cement

116760. Soap is a mixture of sodium or potassium salts of?

Answer: Monocarboxylic acids

116761. The type of glass used in making lenses and prisms is?

Answer: Flint glass

116762. The council of Ministers of the National Capital Territory of Delhi shall consist of not more than?

Answer: 10 Ministers

116763. "This Constitution may be called the Constitution of India". This short title is contained in Article of the Constitution.?

Answer: 393

116764. __ constituted the largest single professional group among the members of the Constituent Assembly of India.?

Answer: Lawyers

116765. __ Schedule of the Constitution gives a list of the States and Union Territories.?

Answer: First

116766. ___ may by law constitute a High Court for a Union Territory or declare any court in any such Territory to be a High Court.?

Answer: Union Parliament

116767. 26th January was chosen as Republic day to commemorate –

Answer: The Purna Swaraj Declaration in 1930

116768. A Bill passed by the Legislative Assembly of a State can be delayed by the Legislative Council for a maximum period of?

Answer: Three month

116769. A bill passed in Parliament can’t become a law without permission of-

Answer: President

116770. A Bill presented in Parliament becomes an Act after?

Answer: it is passed by both the Houses and assented to by the President

116771. A Cabinet Minister who for a period of ….. consecutive months is not a member of either House of Parliament shall on the expiry of that period cease to be a Minister?

Answer: Six

116772. A change in distribution of powers between the Centre and the States can be done by:?

Answer: Amending the Constitution

116773. A civil case becomes a fit case for appeal to the Supreme Court if:?

Answer: the High Court certifies that it involves a point of law and needs interpretation of the Constitution

116774. A common High Court for two or more States and/or Union Territory may be established by:?

Answer: Parliament by Law

116775. A Constitution is said to be flexible if?

Answer: it can be amended by ordinary law and procedure

116776. A Constitutional Emergency declared by the President has to be approved by Union Parliament within?

Answer: 2 months

116777. A device to obtain the opinion of the people on an important public issue, when that issue has not been passed by the Legislature of the State, is known as?

Answer: Plebiscite

116778. A High Court consists of a Chief Justice and:?

Answer: such other judges as determined by the President

116779. A joint sitting of both the Houses of Parliament is presided over by the?

Answer: Speaker

116780. A joint sitting of both the Houses or Parliament is summoned by the?

Answer: President

116781. A Judge of a High Court wanting to resign addresses his letter of resignation to:?

Answer: the President

116782. A judge of the Supreme Court can be removed from his position only on grounds of?

Answer: proved misbehaviour or incapacity

116783. A major portion of the Constitution of India is derived from the?


116784. A maximum interval of ___ can elapse between two sessions of a State Legislative Assembly.?

Answer: six months

116785. A merger will not invite action under the Anti-Defection Act if __ members of a political party decide to join another political party.?

Answer: two-thirds

116786. A Money Bill passed by the Lok Sabha has to be passed/returned by Rajya Sabha within:?

Answer: 14 days

116787. A Municipal Corporation is set up in a city with a population of not less than:?

Answer: 10 lakh

116788. A person to be qualified for standing in a panchayat election must have attained the age of:?

Answer: 21 years

116789. A plan for the division of India into two Independent States was presented in June, 1947 by?

Answer: Lord Mountbatten

116790. A political party will be treated as recognised in a State only if it has been engaged in Political activity for a continuous period of __ years.?

Answer: five

116791. A Presidential Ordinance remains in force for?

Answer: six months

116792. A proclamation of emergency issued under Article 352 must be approved by the Parliament within:?

Answer: 1 month

116793. A resolution for impeaching the President can be moved after at least fourteen days' notice signed by:?

Answer: not less than one-fourth of the total number of members of the House

116794. A team of men selected by the party in opposition to take over the different portfolios in case the party is able to wrest power is known as:?

Answer: shadow Cabinet

116795. According to article 110 of the Constitution a Money Bill must be originated first in which body of Parliament?

Answer: Lok Sabha

116796. According to Article 243 of the Constitution, the Panchayats at the intermediate level may not be constituted in a State which has a population?

Answer: Not exceeding 20 lakhs

116797. According to the provisions of Article 243, which category of person do not have mandatory reservations of seats in Panchayats?

Answer: Backward Classes

116798. According to the provisions of the Constitution, the administrative control (posting, promotion, leave etc.) over the district courts and other subordinate courts, shall be vested in the?

Answer: High Court

116799. Administrators of Union Territories are responsible to the?

Answer: President

116800. After approval by' both Houses of Parliament, the proclamation of emergency issued by the President shall be valid:?

Answer: for an indefinite period if both Houses of Parliament approves the proclamation after every six months
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