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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1071

53551. Refreshing DRAM typically must occur every ________.

53552. The time interval between the memory receiving a new address input and the data being available is called _________.

53553. In general, _________ are used when a small amount of read/write is required.

53554. The process of entering data into the ROM is called ___________.

53555. To reduce the number of pins on the IC package, manufacturers often use ___________.

53556. The periodic recharging of DRAM memory cells is called ___________.

53557. ________ is an example of read/write memory.

53558. A computerized self-diagnostic for a ROM test uses:

53559. How many storage locations are available when a memory device has twelve address lines?

53560. Which of the following memories uses a MOSFET and a capacitor as its memory cell?

53561. Which of the following best describes nonvolatile memory?

53562. The access time (tacc) of a memory IC is governed by the IC's:

53563. Silicon atoms combine into an orderly pattern called a:

53564. In "n" type material, majority carriers would be:

53565. Elements with 1, 2, or 3 valence electrons usually make excellent:

53566. A commonly used pentavalent material is:

53567. Which material may also be considered a semiconductor element?

53568. In "p" type material, minority carriers would be:

53569. What can a semiconductor sense?

53570. When an electron jumps from the valence shell to the conduction band, it leaves a gap. What is this gap called?

53571. Forward bias of a silicon P-N junction will produce a barrier voltage of approximately how many volts?

53572. Which semiconductor material is made from coal ash?

53573. When and who discovered that more than one transistor could be constructed on a single piece of semiconductor material:

53574. When is a P-N junction formed?

53575. A P-N junction mimics a closed switch when it:

53576. Solid state devices were first manufactured during:

53577. Electron pair bonding occurs when atoms:

53578. How many valence electrons are in every semiconductor material?

53579. What is a type of doping material?

53580. Minority carriers are many times activated by:

53581. What is the voltage across R1 if the P-N junction is made of silicon?

53582. If conductance increases as temperature increases, this is known as a:

53583. Which of the following cannot actually move?

53584. What electrical characteristic of intrinsic semiconductor material is controlled by the addition of impurities?

53585. The forward voltage drop for a germanium transistor is 0.7 V and for a silicon transistor is 0.3 V.

53586. When a depletion region of a transistor is large the barrier voltage is also large.

53587. The first integrated circuit was invented in 1959.

53588. A covalent bond is when atoms lose valence shell electrons.

53589. When a voltage is placed across a semiconductor, free electrons move toward the negative voltage.

53590. The first transistor was invented in 1938.

53591. Germanium is the most widely used semiconductor material because of its stability at high temperatures.

53592. The natural elements carbon, germanium, and silicon are semiconductors.

53593. The P-N junction is a barrier to electron flow.

53594. The number of electrons in the outer shell of carbon, germanium, and silicon is 5.

53595. The n-type semiconductor material is doped by adding material with electron holes.

53596. Reverse bias is a condition that essentially ___________ current through the diode.

53597. Atoms that normally have three electrons in their outer shell are called __________________ atoms.

53598. Intrinsic semiconductor material is characterized by a valence shell of how many electrons?

53599. Ionization within a P-N junction causes a layer on each side of the barrier called the:

53600. What is the most significant development in electronics since World War II?

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