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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1072

53601. What causes the depletion region?

53602. What is an energy gap?

53603. Spot the wrong pair

53604. When the output of a tri-state shift register is disabled, the output level is placed in a:

53605. A comparison between ring and johnson counters indicates that:

53606. Find the odd animal out

53607. What is meant by parallel-loading the register?

53608. What is a shift register that will accept a parallel input and can shift data left or right called?

53609. What happens to the parallel output word in an asynchronous binary down counter whenever a clock pulse occurs?

53610. Mod-6 and mod-12 counters are most commonly used in:

53611. The serial-in, parallel-out shift register transfers data from one parallel data bus to another parallel data bus one bit at a time across a single line.

53612. A serial-in, serial-out shift register transfers data from one line of a parallel bus to another line one bit at a time.

53613. Name the ‘Land of the Morning Calm’.

53614. Counters are common components in digital clocks.

53615. In an asynchronous counter, each state is clocked by the same pulse.

53616. Sahyadri ranges refer to:

53617. A multiplexed display circuit uses a technique called time division modulation.

53618. An asynchronous decade counter increases its value by ten for each clock pulse.

53619. A parallel-in, serial-out shift register enters all data bits simultaneously and transfers them out one bit at a time.

53620. The modulus (mod) of a counter is the same as its maximum count (N).

53621. The line beyond which snow never melts is:

53622. Synchronous construction reduces the delay time of a counter to the delay of __________.

53623. A 4-bit PISO shift register that receives 4 bits of parallel data will shift to the ________ by ________ position(s) for each clock pulse.

53624. To operate correctly, starting a ring counter requires __________.

53625. Gir Forest is in

53626. A sequence of equally spaced timing pulses may be easily generated by a(n) __________.

53627. A fountain of hot water issuing from a hole which extends deep into earth’s crust is called

53628. A _________ shift register can shift stored data either left or right.

53629. Universal Adult Franchise creates:

53630. Ring and johnson counters are _______.

53631. When two counters are cascaded, the overall mod number is equal to the __________ of their individual mod numbers.

53632. There are ......... creatures live in this tree.?

53633. The year in which Panchayati Raj was introduced in India:

53634. What type of register would shift a complete binary number in one bit at a time and shift all the stored bits out one bit at a time?

53635. Synchronous counters eliminate the delay problems encountered with asynchronous (ripple) counters because the:

53636. One of the major drawbacks to the use of asynchronous counters is that:

53637. With a total resistance of 3300 ohms and a 45 V source, if R3 is 1200 ohms, what will be its voltage drop?

53638. Calculate the voltage at point B in the given circuit.

53639. In the given circuit, what type of failure will cause the voltage at point B to equal the voltage at point C?

53640. What is the voltage at points B to D in the given circuit?

53641. Calculate the voltage at point C in the given circuit.

53642. An 8-ohm resistor is in series with a lamp. The circuit current is 1 A. With 20 V applied, what voltage is being allowed for the lamp?

53643. What is wrong, if anything, with this circuit?

53644. Kirchhoff’s voltage law states that:

53645. If series current doubles, then:

53646. What are the minimum and maximum output voltages?

53647. A short circuit has:

53648. If three resistors of 1.5 kilohms, 470 ohms, and 3300 ohms are in series with a 25-volt source, what is the total circuit current?

53649. What is the total power in the circuit?

53650. A string of resistors in a series circuit will:

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