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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1077

53851. Which digital IC package type makes the most efficient use of printed circuit board space?

53852. Which test equipment best allows a comparison between input and output signals?

53853. The duty cycle of a pulse is determined by which formula?

53854. What is the next step after discovering a faulty gate within an IC?

53855. The use of a multimeter with digital circuits allows the measurement of:

53856. The use of triggered sweep when using an oscilloscope provides more accuracy in which area?

53857. The time needed for a pulse to increase from 10% to 90% of its amplitude defines:

53858. Which device would best aid in shorted track detection?

53859. The three basic steps for fixing a failure are ISOLATE, DIAGNOSE, and REPAIR.

53860. An internal logic gate that shorts to either +VCC or ground will cause the inputs or output to be stuck either LOW or FLOATING.

53861. A noise problem in a digital circuit is often called a glitch.

53862. The time interval between the start of two consecutive pulses is called pulse repetition time.

53863. "Train" and "single" is the mode selection for a _______.

53864. The use of a logic probe may be improved through the use of a(n) ________.

53865. The control of digital circuits is usually achieved with _________.

53866. In order for a logic probe to operate, its red and black leads must first be connected to a ________.

53867. The ideal test equipment to use for locating shorts in digital circuitry is the ________ and _______.

53868. The results of internal IC failures will usually be noticed during the ______ phase of troubleshooting.

53869. Erratic or unexplained digital circuit activity is often due to _________.

53870. The device that would best aid in open track detection is a(n) ________.

53871. A check of all power supply voltages should be made during the ________ method of troubleshooting.

53872. A series of gradually decreasing sine wave oscillations is called:

53873. The determination of a digital signal's frequency and waveshape is best accomplished with which test equipment?

53874. A logic probe is placed on the output of a gate and the display indicator is dim. A logic pulser is used on each of the input terminals, but the output indication does not change. What is wrong?

53875. A +5 V PCB power source that has been "pulled down" to a +3.4 V level may be due to:

53876. Measurement of pulse width should be taken at a 50% mean of the:

53877. A UJT has:

53878. The only way to close an SCR is with:

53879. What is an SCR?

53880. What type of application would use a photovoltaic cell?

53881. A patient with blood group A needs transfusion of blood. If blood group A is not available which of the following blood group can be substituted without causing any damage to the patient?

53882. The smallest amount of current that the cathode-anode can have, and still sustain conduction of an SCR is called the:

53883. Once a DIAC is conducting, the only way to turn it off is with:

53884. When was ‘Indira Gandhi Paryavaran Puraskar’ come to being?

53885. The DIAC is a:

53886. What type of application would use an injection laser diode?

53887. The PUT (programmable unijunction transistor) is actually a type of:

53888. A transducer's function is to:

53889. The optically coupled isolator interrupter module is used to transfer switching information between two electrically isolated points.

53890. A photodiode is a device that produces light.

53891. To turn an SCR off, simply remove the gate voltage.

53892. A thermistor is a semiconductor device that acts like a piezoresistive resistor.

53893. A silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) has 3 terminals labeled base, collector, and emitter.

53894. The DIAC conducts in only one direction when gated on.

53895. A DIAC is a bidirectional diode that has a symmetrical switching mode.

53896. A transducer does not convert energy from one form to another.

53897. A semiconductor using the hall effect will detect magnetic fields.

53898. The silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) is a three-layer device consisting of a gate, an anode, and a cathode.

53899. The gate of a TRIAC can turn it on to have current flow in either direction.

53900. SCRs are four-layer devices that are either fully conducting or not conducting.

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