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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1076

53801. The basic instrumentation amplifier has ________ input(s).

53802. A Schmitt trigger has _________.

53803. A Schmitt trigger is a comparator with _______.

53804. The precision rectifier circuit is designed to _________.

53805. A(n) ________ amplifier is used if the application requires a high sensitivity to low-level signals and protection from high-voltage associated circuits.

53806. The gain of an OTA is the ratio of the output current to the input voltage, and is measured in _____________.

53807. An instrumentation amplifier has extremely high ________, good ________, and high ________.

53808. The external resistor of a typical instrumentation amplifier is used to set the ________.

53809. If an operational transconductance amplifier (OTA) is used as an amplitude modulator, the voltage gain is varied by applying a _________ voltage to the ______ input.

53810. The ________ amplifier is ideal for amplitude modulation since its gain is current-controlled.

53811. A voltage-to-current converter is used in applications where it's necessary to have an output load current that is controlled by _________.

53812. Which circuit is known as a current-to-voltage converter?

53813. When using an OTA in a Schmitt-trigger configuration, the trigger points are controlled by

53814. Refer the given circuits. Which circuit is known as an OTA?

53815. IRDP means:

53816. Which circuit is known as a voltage-to-current converter?

53817. The problem of interfacing IC logic families that have different supply voltages (VCCs) can be solved by using a:

53818. Third world countries are:

53819. The definition of the ‘Urban Poor’according to the Planning Commission in India in terms of the calorie intake with respect to daily consumption is:

53820. What quantities must be compatible when interfacing two different logic families?

53821. CMOS logic is probably the best all-around circuitry because of its:

53822. Low power consumption achieved by CMOS circuits is due to which construction characteristic?

53823. A TTL totem pole circuit is designed so that the output transistors are:

53824. The time needed for an output to change as the result of an input change is known as:

53825. The fraction of all families (or all individuals)that fall below the poverty line is called:

53826. Delay times and current/voltage values remain constant regardless of temperature or other operating conditions for robust circuits like TTL.

53827. 5400 TTL series logic chips are made to military specifications.

53828. Totem pole output circuits can change states faster than open-collector output circuits.

53829. Economic development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs is:

53830. NMOS devices use MOSFETs to implement the full range of logic gates using the universal NAND gate.

53831. Schottky TTL logic gates overcome the problem of saturation delay time.

53832. A three-state output TTL can have three possible outputs: LOW, HIGH, or FLOATING.

53833. The state where the largest number of people living below the poverty line is found in India”

53834. Integrated-injection logic offers high component density and is easier to fabricate than TTL.

53835. CMOS circuits consume less power than TTL circuits.

53836. Earth day is celebrated in:

53837. PMOS and NMOS ____________________________.

53838. The number of inputs that a gate output can drive without possible logic errors is the _______.

53839. In order to get a HIGH or a LOW output from an open-collector gate, an external _________ must be connected between +VCC and the collector.

53840. An undefined state, neither high nor low, is called _________.

53841. When the output of a standard TTL gate is HIGH, it can ___________________.

53842. Large-scale integration (LSI) ICs contain between ______ and _______ interconnected components.

53843. One example of the use of a Schmitt trigger is as a(n) _____

53844. Totem pole outputs _________ be connected __________ because ____________.

53845. An open collector output can ________ current, but it cannot ___________________.

53846. The output current capability of a single 7400 NAND gate when HIGH is called _____________.

53847. A digital logic device used as a buffer should have what input/output characteristics?

53848. Which of the following immunities is available to the Governor?

53849. The range of a valid LOW input is:

53850. When an IC has two rows of parallel connecting pins, the device is referred to as:

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