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54551. In CE amplifier circuit, voltage gain is directly proportional to

54552. The heat sink disposes off heat mainly by

54553. A major advantage of TWT over a Klystron lies in its

54554. When narrow current pulses drive a high Q resonant circuit the voltage across the circuit looks like

54555. The multivibrator circuit that has a typical application of converting sinusoidal input into a square wave output is

54556. Symbol shown in figure represents a

54557. The feedback resistance rd in small signal model of MOSFET is of the order of

54558. Which amplifier has a voltage gain of less than 1?

54559. A clamper

54560. For holding the drain current constant in spite of large changes in JFET parameters

54561. The main disadvantage of a JFET is

54562. For Q >> 1, the output frequency of LC oscillator is equal to resonant frequency.

54563. At the peak of negative half cycle in figure

54564. IN 3242 is a

54565. Low frequency response of amplifier is mainly limited by

54566. With negative feedback the closed loop gain is always less than open loop gain.

54567. As compared to a bipolar transistor, a JFET is

54568. In a bistable multivibrator, commutating capacitors are used to

54569. Two 3Ω speakers in series will have a total impedance of

54570. The input resistance Ri of the amplifier shown in the figure

54571. In a CE amplifier the ac signal is increased. Which of the following will not change?

54572. The ideal op-amp has the following characteristics

54573. The input differential stage of op-amp. 741 is baised at about 10 μA current such a low current of the input stage gives high CMRRhigh differential gainlow differentialhigh input impedance Which of these are correct?

54574. A Darlington circuit is obtained by connecting

54575. A CE amplifier has a high input signal. In the wave shape of emitter current

54576. An inverting voltage feedback is a

54577. If a transistor is operating with both of its Junctions forward biased, but with the collector base forward biased, but with the collector base forward bias greater than the emitter-base forward bias, then it is operating in the

54578. In a CE amplifier the Q point is very close to cutoff point on the load line. This results in

54579. If the value of C2 and C3 are doubled, the oscillation frequency will be

54580. Which of the following statement about JFET is correct?

54581. Assertion (A): In Darlington pair, the overall β is product of individual βsReason (R): The voltage gain of a base driven amplifier is equal to ac collector voltage divided by ac base voltage

54582. A Wien bridge oscillator uses Wien bridge for

54583. A cascade amplifier will have higher cut off frequency

54584. In figure, current gain is

54585. The famous Indian who first Swam the Palk Strait?

54586. Which of the following values represents the open loop gain of typical op-amp?

54587. Which of the following configuration has low thermal stability?

54588. Efficiency of class A power amplifier is very poor.

54589. In an op-amp comparator, the positive or negative output is

54590. In logarithmic amplifiers, output voltage is equal to

54591. In a series regulated power supply circuit the voltage gain of pass transistor satisfies the condition

54592. Occasionally a discrete amplifier user RF chokes instead of collector resistors. Such amplifiers are inherently

54593. In oscillator circuits the energy feedback to its input terminal from output is

54594. CC circuit is suitable for impedance matching.

54595. Which of the following number specification refers to FET with one gate?

54596. Which of the following plot can be directly used to determine β?

54597. I am fed up ......... staying at this place.?

54598. The emitter follower steps up the impedance by a factor of

54599. In each of circuits below, indicate which diode is conducting?

54600. A dc amplifier can operate

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