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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1092

54601. Assertion (A): In a common source amplifier with source terminal at ac ground the voltage gain is about gm rdReason (R): A common source amplifier is a source follower circuit

54602. Thermal runaway will take place if the quiescent point is such that

54603. In applications where __________ input resistance is needed, the JFET is preferred to the bipolar transistor.

54604. A Clapp's oscillator is

54605. In the circuit shown in the figure, the approximate voltage at the transistor,

54606. A quiescent state of a transistor implies

54607. A transistor may fail due to

54608. In a P-N-P transistor, with normal bias, the emitter junction

54609. In a tuned class C power amplifier the quiescent value of collector to emitter voltage is equal to (VCC denotes collector battery voltage)

54610. Volt equivalent temperature in a PN Junction diode is

54611. Primary advantage of a crystal oscillator is that

54612. The conversion or collector circuit efficiency is a measure

54613. A transistor amplifier is operating in class A mode. If a transformer is connected for impedance matching, the efficiency will

54614. The pinch-off voltage is the drain voltage on the shorted gate drain curve above which the drain current becomes

54615. Which of the following plot can be used to show the input volt-ampere characteristics of a common-emitter configuration?

54616. A transconductance amplifier has

54617. The signal input to a given amplifier is made up of 100 mΩ signal power and 1 mΩ noise power. The amplifier contributes an additional 100 mΩ of noise and has a power gain of 20 dB. The output signal-to-noise ratio is

54618. In order to protect a MOSFET against damage from any stray voltage at the gate

54619. A capacitor input filter relies on


54621. A voltage doubler circuit uses

54622. Which amplifier will be preferred for highest gain?

54623. Which of the following are synonymous?

54624. Which of the following contributes to harmonics distortion in amplifiers?

54625. Which of the following couplings may cause unwanted clamping?

54626. The name field effect is related to the __________ layers of a JFET.

54627. If input frequency is 50 Hz, the frequency of output wave in a half wave diode rectifier circuit is

54628. For an amplifier, the coupling method which gives the highest gain in

54629. An ideal op-amp can amplify dc signals

54630. Consider the following statements : The lower cut off frequencies of an RC coupled amplifier depend on input and output coupling capacitoremitter by pass capacitorsjunction capacitances Which of the above are correct?

54631. Assertion (A): In a circuit using FET, gate is approximately at dc groundReason (R): Self bias stabilizes the quiescent operating point against changes in JFET parameters

54632. The Darlington pair consists of the following two stages

54633. Figure represents

54634. Which of the amplifier circuits using junction transistors has the best gain?

54635. To obtain very high input and O/P impedance in a feedback amplifier, the type of feedback utilized

54636. The thermal resistance of a BJT is about

54637. Oscillator with best frequency stability is

54638. The IF amplifier in a superheterodyne receiver is

54639. Examine the circuit of figure and the following statements Vs is more than the zener breakdown voltage.IL = I1 - I2.Rs is less than zener nominal resistance. Which of the above statements are correct?

54640. The approximate value of input impedance of CE amplifier with emitter resistance RE is given by

54641. The advantage of using crystal oscillator is that it

54642. A transistor will operate in inverted region when

54643. Cross-over distortion behaviour is a characteristic of

54644. In figure the collector to emitter breakdown voltage of the transistor (βVCEO) should be

54645. An amplifier signal is made up of just two frequencies 1000 Hz. The output signal consists of 500 Hz and 25000 Hz frequencies. This may be attributed to

54646. If input ac is 10 Vrms, then maximum voltage that will appear across the diode of a half wave rectifier with a capacitor I/P filter will be

54647. St . Thomas first came to Kerala in?

54648. One of the major applications of JFET is in

54649. A Hartley oscillator uses

54650. Aperture circuit produces __________ in sample hold circuit.

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