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54651. A clipper

54652. In a rectifier circuit the filter capacitance is increased. Then the ripple will

54653. The circuit in figure is

54654. Which of the following circuits can operate class AB for audio power output?

54655. In a P-N-P transistor, with normal bias

54656. The first war of independence started at?

54657. A D.C. amplifier amplify

54658. In common base amplifier the current gain is less than one, but the voltage gain may be anywhere from

54659. Name the person who commissioned the Vallarpadam International Container Transshipment Terminal:

54660. In a class C operation

54661. The frequency response of an ideal tuned amplifier should be as represented in figure by

54662. For a good voltage amplifier, its input impedance should be

54663. Gain stability in an oscillator can bs achieved by

54664. The static characteristic of an adequately forward biased p-n junction is a straight line if the plot is of

54665. The main use of JFET with a

54666. Assertion (A): A dc stabilizer has constant output voltage irrespective of variations in input voltage and load currentReason (R): A dc series regulator uses a zener diode across the load to stabilize the output voltage.

54667. In the self biasing scheme (RF across collector to base) of BJT, S1 tends to unity by __________ RC is the collector load Resistance.

54668. In op-amp integrating amplifier the input is feed to

54669. In a resistance loaded amplifier, the gain decreases at high frequencies because

54670. A 1 ms pulse can be stretched to 1 sec pulse by using

54671. Most of the transistor data sheets specify the power rating for an ambient temperature of

54672. The planning Commission in India is?

54673. The early effect in BJT is caused by

54674. Transformer coupling in transistor amplifier circuits provides high efficiency, because

54675. Two identical FETs each having parameters gm and rd are connected is parallel. The composite FET has parameters

54676. If f is more than funity the gain of op-amp becomes less than 1.

54677. For an amplifier the input output signals are shown in figure. The class of amplifier is

54678. In a N-P-N transistor the function of the emitter is

54679. The noise figure is

54680. A Darlington pair is used for

54681. In a shunt-shunt negative feedback amplifier, as compared to the basic amplifier

54682. In rectifiers the use of RC filters is recommended when

54683. The coupling capacitor mainly affects

54684. A CE amplifier is the most common BJT amplifier.

54685. The main drawback in the performance of shunt peaked wide band amplifier is

54686. A generator with an internal resistance of 600 Ω drives an amplifier whose input resistance is 400 Ω. The generator's open circuit voltages is 1 mV; the amplifier develops 100mV across an 8kΩ load. The current amplification is

54687. In a CE amplifier circuit

54688. In a push pull circuit the two transistors are

54689. The headquarters of ESCAP (Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific) is situated at?

54690. In which configuration does output ac voltage appear between emitter and ground?

54691. Figure represents a

54692. At high frequencies the output circuit of transistor amplifier reduces to

54693. A pulse transformer uses

54694. A transistor in CE mode is in saturation region. Then the collector is almost at

54695. The semi-conductor type 2 N 34 indicates

54696. The emitter bias largely depends on

54697. A limiter circuit can be built using a diode and resistance.

54698. In saturation region JFET acts like a

54699. Which of the following are difficult to be fabricated in a monolithic IC?

54700. In an op-amp a common mode signal is applied to

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