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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1094

54701. The ripple factor of a full wave rectifier is about 0.5.

54702. Which of the following op-amp circuits has zero resistance in the feedback path?

54703. In an LC filter, the ripple factor,

54704. FET can used in

54705. The Malayalam literateur who received the Jnanapith Award in 2007?

54706. Each of two cascaded stages has a voltage gain of 30. The overall gain is

54707. A two stage amplifier has an upper cutoff frequency of 2 MHz and a lower cutoff frequency of 2 MHz and a lower cut off frequency of 30 Hz. If both stages are similar, their individual upper and lower cut off frequencies respectively are

54708. A bipolar transistor is a __________ controlled devices whereas a FET is a __________ controlled devices.

54709. The input impedance of a non-inverting amplifier is very low.

54710. RC oscillator can be used upto

54711. In a N-P-N transistor of the emitter junction is reverse biased and collector junction is also reversed biased, the transistor will operate in

54712. Wide banding technique is employed in the

54713. Assertion (A): The maximum efficiency of a class B push pull amplifier is 78.5%Reason (R): A current mirror uses a compensating diode in parallel with the emitter diode

54714. In a common Emitter BJT amplifier, the maximum usable supply voltage is limited by

54715. High frequency oscillations can be caused by

54716. In order to obtain triangular pulses at the output of the circuit in the figure, the input should be.

54717. In which of the following cities was the Indian Biodiversity Congress(2010)held?

54718. A feedback network to be used with an amplifier to provide oscillation is tested and found to give an output of 0.124 V with a 0.5 V input. What will be the effect on output if the amplifier's gain is twice that required by the Barkhausen criterion?

54719. -------------sector has established itself as the biggest contributor to the State’s GDP as per Kerala State’s Economic Review(February 2011)

54720. In a combination limiter with sinusoidal input voltage the output wave can be nearly square.

54721. Assertion (A): A Darlington amplifier has very low output impedanceReason (R): The circuit has a low resistance RE between emitter and ground

54722. Name the most significant characteristic of National Integration:

54723. A silicon PN junction diode under reverse bias has depletion region of width 10 μm. The relative permittivity of silicon, εr = 11.7 and the permittivity of free space ε0 = 8.85 x 10-12 F/m. The depletion capacitance of the diode per square meter is

54724. The properties of FETs resemble closely to

54725. The source of the harmonic distortion in a RC coupled transistor amplifier is usually

54726. Two transistors have same value of a but different gain (G) bandwidth (B) product. The transistors have similar geometry. However one of them is germanium and the other is silicon. The transistor with lower GB product

54727. Which distortion is least objectionable in case of audio amplifiers?

54728. In a single stage differential amplifier, the output offset voltage is mainly dependent on the mismatch of

54729. A delay equalizer is a

54730. A cascade amplifier stage is equivalent to

54731. Which one of the following devices is not used as the controller in a stabilizer?

54732. The disadvantage of transformer coupling in amplifier is

54733. For an I/p of Vs = 5 sin ωt (assuming ideal diode), circuit shown in the figure will behave as a

54734. A transistor is said to be in a quiescent state when

54735. According to Barkhausen criteria in order to sustain the oscillations

54736. A Wien bridge oscillator uses

54737. In the above case, what will be the value of capacitor to obtain 100 kHz frequency?

54738. Equal amplitude ac signals are given as inputs to both inverting and given as inputs to both inverting and non-inverting terminals of an op-amp. The output will be zero when the phase difference between inputs is

54739. Which of the following can be used to isolate a low impedance from a high impedance source?

54740. A class C amplifier uses

54741. In figure

54742. A three-section RC phase shift oscillator has R = 10K ohms and C = 0.001 μF. If the oscillator is to be made variable using the same value of R, what should be the value of capacitor to obtain a frequency if 1 kHz?

54743. The input to negative clamper has a peak value of Vp. Then in the output the positive and negative peaks are nearly

54744. Which type of stem modification is present in grapes?

54745. Figure shows current pulses of a class C power amplifier. The fundamental frequency of these pulses is

54746. A FET has

54747. A TRIAC is a semiconductor device which acts as a

54748. The Clapp oscillator shown in figure will operate at

54749. In a Darlington pair

54750. Figure shows a zener circuit and characteristic of the zener used. If R2 is the lowest load resistance, then for proper voltage regulation R1 must be

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