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1. Kerala Press Academy- യുടെ ഇപ്പോഴത്തെ പേര് ?

Kerala Media Academy

2. KHDC എന്നതിന്റെ പൂർണരൂപമെന്ത് ?

Kerala Handicraft Development Co-operation

3. KRDMS എന്നതിന്റെ പൂർണരൂപമെന്ത് ?

Kerala Rurala Development and Market Society

4. KREWS എന്നതിന്റെ പൂർണരൂപമെന്ത് ?

Kerala Rural Employment and Welfare Society

5. IKM എന്നതിന്റെ പൂർണരൂപമെന്ത് ?

Information Kerala Mission

6. നവംബറില്‍ യുനസ്കൊ സാംസ്കാരിക പൈതൃക പട്ടികയില്‍ ഉള്‍പ്പെടുത്തിയ ഇന്ത്യന്‍ കലാരൂപങ്ങള്‍ ?

മുടിയേറ്റ്‌ (keralam) , ഝാവ്, കല്‍ബേലിയ(രാജസ്ഥാന്‍)

7. Kerala Press Academy-യുടെ ഇപ്പോഴത്തെ പേര്?

Kerala Media Academy

8. Central Institute of Fisheries Technology is located at?

Ernakulam (Kerala).

9. Which state in India has the highest literacy?

Kerala with 93.91%

10. Highest statue in Kerala is?

Statue of Sri Chithira Thirunal in the Kerala University office compound.

11. Which institution in Kerala deals with activities related to Judicial education, Training and Research?

Kerala Judicial Academy

12. Which state is known as "Gods own Country"?


13. Indian Cochin Academy is located at?

Cochin (Kerala).

14. Who is known as the Father of Modern Malayalam prose

Kerala Varma Valiyakoi Thampuran

15. Who is the author of “Mayoora sandesham”?

Kerala Varma Valiyakoi Thampuran

16. Central Coconut Research Institute is located at?

Kaserkode (Kerala)

17. In Kerala Lok Adalat is conducted by?

Kerala State Legal Services Authority

18. Who proposed the idea of uniting Cochin and Travancore?

Sri Kerala Varma; The Cochin Maharaja

19. Who is known as Kerala Kalidasan”?

Kerala Varma Valiyakoi Thampuran

20. Who is the Chancellor of the Universities in Kerala?

Kerala Governor

21. Who was the founder of Thiruvananthapuram Cricket Club, first cricket club in Travancore?

Kerala Varma Valiyakoyithampuran

22. Which newspaper can be hailed as the first systematic newspaper the Malayalam language?

Keralamitram from Kochi

23. What is the name given to the Kerala literacy programme?

Akshara Keralam

24. Fluid Control Research Institute is located at?

Kanjikode (Kerala).

25. Who is the author of “ Mayoora sandesham”?

Kerala Varma Valiyakoi Thampuran
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