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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1095

54751. In CC configuration, the output signals has approximately

54752. The PIV of a bridge rectifier is less than that of full wave rectifier with centre tapped transformer.

54753. Zero bias works only with

54754. Which of the following uses a capacitor in the feedback path?

54755. In an inverting amplifier using op-amp the current input to the inverting terminal

54756. For a transistor the normal collector voltage is 12 V. If actually it is found to be + 28 V, the trouble could be

54757. In a CE transistor amplifier, when collector-emitter voltage increases

54758. In figure, VC is approximately equal to

54759. Which one of the following power amplifier has the maximum efficiency?

54760. Figure shows small signal model of CB amplifier circuit. Then I and R are respectively equal to

54761. The common emitter short circuit current gain β of a transistor

54762. A complementary symmetry amplifier has

54763. The units of are

54764. Negative feedback is used in audio amplifiers to

54765. A BJT amplifier has a power gain of 0.5 from source to base. The power gain in dB is

54766. A rectifier circuit has load resistance R. It uses a capacitance filter having capacitance C. For low ripple in the output

54767. In graphical analysis of BJT amplifier the slope of ac line is more than that of dc load line.

54768. Which circuit is called emitter follower?

54769. Logarithmic amplifiers are used in

54770. ”The principle of respect for all life and the practice of non-injury to living things’is known in India as:

54771. In figure VBE = 0.7 V. If base current required to saturate the transistor is 0.1 mA, Vi =

54772. As per miller theorem the circuit of figure (1) can be replaced by that in figure (2) If V1/V2 = K, then Y1 and Y2 are equal to

54773. In a biased JFET (Figure) the shape of the channel is as shown because

54774. Assertion (A): In class A amplifier the distortion is minimumReason (R): In class A amplifier collector current exists for 360° of input cycle

54775. Assertion (A): In a differential amplifier the current through common emitter resistor is called tail currentReason (R): CMRR of an op-amp indicates how a differential signal amplified

54776. Quartz crystal has

54777. The current ICBO

54778. Assertion (A): In a push pull circuit each transistor stays in the active region for one half cycleReason (R): A push pull amplifier has low distortion

54779. Article 144 of the Constitution mandates that all authorities, civil and judicial in the territory of India shall act in aid of the?

54780. In a bipolar transistor at room temperature if the emitter current is doubled the voltage across its base emitter junction

54781. The Servants of India Society(1905)was formed to train people to serve the country by:

54782. Negative feedback lowers the cut off frequency and increase the upper cut off frequency of amplifier.

54783. In a single-stage RC coupled common emitter amplifier, the phase shift at the lower 3 dB frequency is

54784. CE mode input V-I characteristic can be shown by a plot of

54785. n-channel MOS is

54786. Which of the following compensation method in amplifier can be used to reduce the bandwidth?

54787. A push pull amplifier balance out

54788. In a half wave rectifier, Vrms is

54789. If the thermal resistance of a transistor is lower it means

54790. A Darlington pair has β = 300. If RE = 1 kΩ and RL = 100 Ω, the input impedance at the base is approximately

54791. Barkhausen criterion is 1 + Avβ = 0.

54792. The voltage gain of which transistor configuration is less than unity?

54793. Linear transistor circuits always operate in

54794. Assertion (A): Manufacturer's quote h parameters of transistor Reason (R): h parameters of a transistor are easiest to measure

54795. The P-type substrate in a conventional pn Junction isolated integrated circuits should be connected to

54796. Wien bridge uses

54797. Which of the following is not necessarily the advantages of a push pull amplifier?

54798. Which of the following best represents the output impedance of an actual op-amp?

54799. In CE amplifier

54800. The approximate value of input impedance of a common emitter amplifier with emitter resistance Re is given by

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