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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1096

54801. The collector voltage VC of the circuit shown in the given figure aside is approximately

54802. The symbol shown in figure represents a

54803. The phase angle of a lag circuit is

54804. Which of the following components is essential for a voltage multiplier circuit?

54805. Which of the following represents the equivalent circuit of a crystal for crystal oscillator?

54806. The transistor specification number 2N refers to

54807. Stability factor for S is given by for a fixed bias

54808. In figure, the function of resistor R is

54809. The phase angle of lead circuit is

54810. A generator with an internal resistance of 600 Ω drives an amplifier whose input resistance is 400 Ω. The generator's open circuit voltages is 1 mV; the amplifier develops 100mV across an 8kΩ load. The power gain is

54811. Who is popularly called’Vaikkom Hero’?

54812. The upper end of the d.c. load line is called the __________ point and the lower end is the __________ point.

54813. In a good voltage amplifier, its input impedance

54814. A non-inverting voltage feedback amplifier is a

54815. A Colpitt's oscillator uses

54816. In every practical oscillator, the loop gain is slightly larger than unity and the amplitude of the oscillations is limited by the

54817. IF amplifiers for radio receivers are often tuned to

54818. In CE circuit the parameter f12 is very small.

54819. In which amplifier circuit is gate conductance negligible?

54820. In figure VCEQ for each transistor is

54821. Which of the following combinations has no phase inversion of the signal?

54822. Which of the following h parameters is an admittance?

54823. The linear transistor circuits always operate in the

54824. In the graphical analysis of CE amplifier circuit, the intersection of base current and dc load line is called

54825. In an amplifier circuit the emitter is at ac ground potential in a

54826. An ideal op-amp has

54827. A class B amplifier is biased just at cutoffhas a high theoretical efficiency of 78.5% because its quiescent current is lowis biased at midpoint of load line Of the above statements

54828. In a practical oscillator, the magnitude of loop gain Aβ is kept slightly larger than unity and the amplitude of oscillations is limited by

54829. Assertion (A): Direct coupled amplifiers are rarely usedReason (R): Direct coupled amplifiers suffer from the disadvantage of drift

54830. A multistage amplifier has a low pass response with three real poles at s = - w1 - w2 and w3. The approximate overall bandwidth B of the amplifier will be given by

54831. In a feedback series regular circuit, the output voltage is regulated by controlling the

54832. The transformer cores operating at microwave frequency ranges are generally made up of

54833. In high frequency region, an amplifier behaves like a

54834. Class C operation finds application in

54835. In the circuit shown in the figure

54836. In a CE amplifier circuit the load resistance is open circuited. The output voltage will

54837. Emitter follower is in which of following configuration.

54838. Saturation region of a JFET is also known as

54839. Which junction transistor is preferred for high input and low output impedances?

54840. For operation of enhancement only N-channel MOSFET, value of gate voltage has to be

54841. Sweep voltage generators, sweep current generators, multivibrators and blocking oscillators can be combined as

54842. A generator with an internal resistance of 600 Ω drives an amplifier whose input resistance is 400 Ω. The generator's open circuit voltages is 1 mV; the amplifier develops 100mV across an 8kΩ load. The voltage multiplication is

54843. The ripple factor of a full wave rectifier is about 0.5

54844. The configuration of figure is a

54845. The voltage gains of an amplifier without feedback and with negative feedback respectively are 100 and 20. The percentage of negative feedback would be.

54846. In a CE amplifier circuit, the output voltage

54847. CMOS is widely used in

54848. Oscillation frequency in colpitt's oscillator is

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