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57651. Bipolar IC memories are fabricated using

57652. What are units of width and height specified in HTML tag?

57653. A D-flip-flop is

57654. The fetching, decoding and executing of an instruction is broken down into several time intervals. Each of these intervals, involving one or more clock periods, is called a

57655. The output of the circuit shown below will be of the frequency

57656. In the given figure Y =

57657. Assertion (A): An encoder converts key dips to binary code.Reason (R): An encoder has more inputs than output.

57658. If a RAM has 34 bits in its MAR and 16 bits in its MDR, then its capacity will be

57659. DeMorgan's second theorem is

57660. What will be the result of the expression 13 and 25?

57661. In floating point representation, mantissa is expressed in

57662. Crown of teeth is covered by?

57663. In the generic microprocessor

57664. Consider the following registers: A accumulator and B registerB and C registersD and E registersH and L registers Which of these 8-bit registers of 8085 μP can be paired together to make a 16-bit register?

57665. Access time of a storage is the time required

57666. For a D/A converter, inputs and outputs are given. The output corresponding to digital input 01000

57667. By placing an inverter between both inputs of an S-R flip-flop, the resulting flip-flop becomes

57668. Which of the following flip-flop do not have race problem?

57669. It is desired to route data from many registers to one register. The device needed is

57670. Advanced low power Schottky is a part of

57671. A device that converts from decimal to binary numbered is called

57672. It is desired to clean up ragged looking pulsed that have been distorted during transmission from one place to another, which of the following device will be appropriate?

57673. Decimal number 9 in gray code =

57674. In magnetic film memory, the memory element consits of

57675. Which device changes serial data to parallel data?

57676. CD4010 is a

57677. What is the terminal count in decimal form?

57678. The binary sum of 1110102 and 110112 is

57679. The number of programmable 8 bit registers of 6800 are

57680. The seven bit Hamming code received is 0010001. If even parity has been used, the correct code is

57681. When two 4 bit parallel adders are cascaded we get

57682. Consider the following features: negative operands cannot be usedwhen immediate operand changes, the program should be reassembledthe program is difficult to readthe size of operand is restricted by word length of the computer Disadvantages of immediate addressing include

57683. Which binary addition is incorrect?

57684. Flash ADC is

57685. Which of the following logic no resistors are used?

57686. With the switch in STOP position, Y will be equal to

57687. PROM is

57688. Decimal 17 in octal system is represented by

57689. The logic operation that will selectively clear bits in register A in those positions where these are 1 's in the bits of register B is given by

57690. The 2's complement representation of the decimal number -4 is

57691. The following program starts at location 0100H L X ISP, 00FF - the content if accumulator LXIH, 0701 - when the program counter MVI A, 20 H - reaches 0109 H is S ∪ BM

57692. In 8085 microprocessor, what is the length of PC (program counter)?

57693. In decimal system the base of radix is

57694. 7483 is a TTL binary adder. It can add

57695. A 12 bit ADC is operating with 1 μs clock period. Total conversion time is 14 μs. ADC is

57696. An 8156 has A15 connected to its CE input. A14 to A8 are unconnected, and AD7 to AC0 are connected ignoring shadows, what are the RAM locations?

57697. D/A converters are generally

57698. Is the interrupt-enable flag?

57699. TTL uses

57700. Bit is

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