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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1152

57601. In 8085, out of interrupts given below, one particular interrupts is quite different from others, This interrupt is

57602. Rewrite as directed: He got up and walked away. (Change into a simple sentence)?

57603. An A/D converter uses for reference purposes

57604. A pulse stretcher is same as a

57605. Binary multiplication 1 x 0 =

57606. The minimum decimal equivalent of the number 11C0 is

57607. The circuit of the given figure performs

57608. The hex number EB16 represents binary number of

57609. In 8085 microprocessor, if instruction RST is written in a program then the program will jump to location

57610. figure given below shows the internal schematic of a TTL AND-OR Invert (AOI) gate, For the input shown in the given figure, the output Y is

57611. In 8085 microprocessor, the RST 5.5 interrupt service routine start from location

57612. Which memory requires periodic recharging?

57613. The hexadecimal number given below represent decimal numbers which are multiples of DC, C8, BE, 46, IE

57614. A master slave flip-flop has the characteristics that

57615. Which of the following flip-flops is used as latch?

57616. Least expensive logic

57617. The circuit show in the figure has 4 boxes each described by inputs P, Q, R and outputs y, z with Y = P ⊕ Q ⊕ R, Z = RQ + P R + QP The circuit act as a

57618. Logic pulser

57619. The no. of FF required and the maximum decimal no. of a MOD-12 counter is

57620. In a four variable K map eight adjacent cells give

57621. The MOS symbol shown indicates that It is depletion typeIt is enhancement typeIt is channelIt is P-channelElectrons flow from s to DHoles flow from D to s The true statements are

57622. In a digital counter the number of flip-flops is

57623. Assertion (A): Gray code is used in shaft position encoding.Reason (R): In gray code only a single bit change occurs when going from one code to another.

57624. What is another name for semantic errors?

57625. The term VLSI generally refers to a digital IC having

57626. 11012 - 10012 =

57627. Which of the following memories normally has highest storage capacity?

57628. The number of comparators of needed in a parallel conversion type 8 bit A to D converter is

57629. Assertion (A): In hybrid digital circuits the problem of logic race can occur.Reason (R): In two level logic there is no problem of logic race.

57630. What is the memory word size of 8085 μp?

57631. The characteristic equation of an SR flip-flop in given by

57632. Binary number 101101 when converted to its 2's complement will become

57633. Assertion (A): In a BCD to 7 segment decoder the number of outputs active at one time is always the same.Reason (R): A decoder can be used to interface BCD input to LED display.

57634. The number of flags available in 6800 are

57635. Microprocessors were introduced in the year

57636. What is the addressing mode used in instruction MOV M, C?

57637. For the following decimal multiplication the result are given in binary numbers, Spot the incorrect relation, if any

57638. Shift left and shift right operations occur in a calculator.

57639. In a T flip-flop the output frequency is

57640. The access time of ROM using bipolar transistors is about

57641. In LIFO

57642. 10 in BCD code represent

57643. In RAM, all the information can be obtained at the output with

57644. A 1 ms pulse can be converted into a 10 ms pulse by using which one of the following

57645. In the DRAM cell in the figure is the Vt of the NMOSFET is 1 V. For the following three combinations of WL and BL voltages.

57646. Assertion (A): The carry look ahead adder is very fast Reason (R): The carry look ahead adder generates the carry and sum digits directly.

57647. The factors which govern fan out of CMOS gates are

57648. Which of the following subtraction operations do not result in F16? (BA)16 - (AB)16 (BC)16 - (CB)16 (CB)16 - (BC)16 (CB)16 - (BC)16 Select the correct answer

57649. In 8085 microprocessor, how many I/O ports can be accessed by direct method?

57650. If the mantissa of a digital computer is 37 bit long then the accuracy of the digital computer will be of

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