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57751. A twisted ring counter consisting of 4 FF will have

57752. Assertion (A): In a serial in-serial out shift register, access is available only to the left most or right most flip flops Reason (R): If the output of a shift register is feedback to serial input it can be used as a ring counter.

57753. IC counters are

57754. 2's complement representation of a 16 bit number (one sign bit and 15 magnitude bits) is FFFF. Its magnitude in decimal representation is

57755. The method used to transfer data from I/O units to memory by suspending the memory-CPU data transfer for one memory cycle is called

57756. Out of SAM and RAM

57757. Which of the following will produce a value of 22 if x=9?

57758. For K map of the given figure the simplified Boolean expression is

57759. Choose the appropriate turn on and turn off time of a FET

57760. Consider the following statements ECL has least propagation delayTTL has largest fan outCMOS has highest noise marginTTL has lowest power dissipation Which of these are correct?

57761. In Schottky TTL, a Schottky diode is used for

57762. The circuit of the given figure is

57763. Which of the following ICs has only one NAND gate?

57764. A mod-10 counter can divide the clock frequency by a factor of

57765. In a digital circuit, a clock is a

57766. In a RS flip-flop no change occurs during

57767. Out of multiplexer and demultiplexer, which can be used as a logic function generator?

57768. Binary 1000 will be the result of which of the following?

57769. In a programmable counter

57770. NAND gates can be used to produce edge triggering.

57771. The number of comparator circuits required to build a three-bit simultaneous A/D converter is

57772. -8 is equal to signed binary number

57773. Assume that only x and y logic inputs are available. What is the minimum number of 2-input NAND gates required to implement x ⊕ y?

57774. The decimal equivalent of the hexadecimal number E 5 is

57775. The parity bit is

57776. In 2's complement representation, a certain negative number - N is 1011. The representation for + N is

57777. In 8355, the ROM is organized as __________ words of 8 bits each.

57778. What binary number does second row represent?

57779. In C-language f- = 9 is equivalent to

57780. Effective address is calculated by adding or subtracting displacement value to

57781. Typical switching time for ECL is

57782. Which is the legal ways to access a class data member using the pointer?

57783. For a logic family VOH is the minimum output high level voltage VOL is the maximum output low level voltageVIH is the minimum acceptable input high level voltageVIL is the maximum acceptable input low level voltage The correct relationship is

57784. In which function is each term known as minterm?

57785. How many and what are the machine cycles needed for execution of MOV D, C?

57786. The output data lines of microprocessor and memories are usually tristated because

57787. In the NMOS inverter

57788. A counter displays a sequence of numbers. If a reading corresponds to the hexadecimal number F52E, the next two readings are respectively

57789. Monostable multivibrator is called one-shot or single-shot circuit because it

57790. 10's complement of 1610 is

57791. The hexadecimal number 64 AC is equivalent to decimal number

57792. A binary with a digits, all of which are unity has the value

57793. In a NAND SR latch S = R = 1. Then

57794. A microprocessor with a 16-bit address bus is used in a linear memory selection configuration (i.e., Address bus lines are directly used as chip selects of memory chips) with 4 memory chips. The maximum addressable memory space is

57795. The logic represented by the abbreviation ECL is

57796. A (A + B) =

57797. Unlimited number of ICs 7490, 78492 and 7493 are available. Which of these could be used to build the dividse-by-60 circuit of figure

57798. One of the function of the Sio2 layer in an IC is to

57799. In a shift register the data is loaded in one operation but shifted out one bit at a time, The shift register is

57800. In CCD

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