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You Are On Multi Choice Question Bank SET 1266

63301. A capacitor whose capacitance Ct = C0 (1- cos ωt) is fed by a sinusoidal voltage v = V0 sin ωt. The equation for current i is

63302. Figure shows an RC circuit. The magnitude plot V2/V1

63303. Assertion (A): In a circuit having high inductance, reactive power may be more than apparent power.Reason (R): Reactive power = VI sin θ.

63304. A two branch parallel circuit has a 10 Ω resistance and 0.5 H inductance in one branch and a 100 μF capacitor in the second branch. It is fed from 100 V ac supply. At resonance, the source current is

63305. In figure, A is ideal ammeter having zero resistance. It will read __________ ampere.

63306. Threshold of perception occurs at a current of about 1 mA.

63307. The current wave shown in figure is applied by a 0.1 F capacitor at t = 0. At t = 0+, the voltage across capacitor is

63308. Who was the first Sulthan of Delhi to impose Jaziya?

63309. A current increasing at the rate of 1 A/s is passed through 1 F capacitor. At t = 0, i = 0. The charge stored after 1 second is

63310. An RLC series circuit has R = 30 Ω, XL = 30 Ω and XC = 30 W. Its impedance is

63311. R, L and C are in parallel. The circuit is switched on to a constant current source I at t = 0. At t = ∞ the current through inductance is I.

63312. A 2 mH inductor with some initial current can be represented as shown below, where s is the Laplace transform variable. The value of initial current is

63313. As temperature increases, the temperature coefficient of metals increases.

63314. In a 3 phase system, the zero sequence component of line to line voltages is zero

63315. Magnetic effect of current is used in generators but not in motors.

63316. For a nonlinear resistance

63317. The Z parameters Z11 and Z21 for the 2-port network in the figure.

63318. For the wave shown in figure, the average value is

63319. Assertion (A): For a physically realisable driving point function, the degree of numerator and denominator should be equal.Reason (R): The sum of positive real functions is real.

63320. In the figure circuit, V1 = 40 V. When R is 10 Ω. When R is zero, the value of V2 will be

63321. Compaction of soil is measured in terms of:

63322. In the circuit shown in the given figure, RL will absorb maximum power when its value is

63323. In an RC series circuit excited by dc voltage E, the current at t = 0 is

63324. The current through a 10 Ω resistance in a dc circuit having two emf sources is 3A. If this resistance is changed to 20 Ω, the new value of current will be

63325. A planar graph has 6 nodes and 7 branches. The number of meshes in the dual graph is

63326. An ac voltage 20 sin 1000t feeds an R-C series circuit. R = 8 Ω and active power is 4 W. The power factor is

63327. For a sine wave the average value is calculated over half the cycle.

63328. Two resistances of 2 Ω each are connected in series. A shunt having zero resistance is connected across the combination. The overall resistance will be

63329. The poles and zeros of a positive real function

63330. In a linear circuit, the superposition principle can be applied to calculate the

63331. If A = 7 ∠15, A2 is

63332. The colour coding of a resistors shows 100 K, ± 10%. When the resistance was measured with an ohmmeter, it read

63333. The output voltage of a charger is

63334. The circuit in figure has reached steady values with switch open. If switch is closed at t = 0 the voltage across 2 μF capacitance at t = 0+ is

63335. In the circuit of figure

63336. As per BIS, solid insulators are classified into 6 categories.

63337. Dielectric constant of air is about 5.

63338. Consider the following units sec-1rad2/sec2secΩ The units of , RC and are respectively

63339. In a conductor, voltage v, conductance G and charges q are related as

63340. The current wave in figure is passed through 3 H inductor. The voltage across inductance during the period 2 < t < 3 seconds is

63341. In figure, the charge on 0.8 μF capacitor is

63342. Maximum power transfer theorem finds application in

63343. In a series L-C circuit fed by ac voltage, voltage drops across L and C are 40 V and 30 V respectively. The supply voltage is

63344. In a reactance function

63345. In figure, the switch is closed at t = 0 when current through inductor is 6 A, the rate of change of current through resistor is 6 A/s. The value of L is

63346. In figure, the switch is closed at t = 0. At t = 0+, di/dt = 4 A/s. Then V =

63347. In figure V is ideal voltmeter having infinite resistance. It will read __________ volt.

63348. The equivalent inductance seen at terminals A - B is

63349. In a certain language ‘erp tan sib’ means ‘drinking is harmful’. ‘gou rod tan’ means ‘avoid harmful habit and ‘rod sib ley’ means ‘please avoid drinking’, which of the following means ‘habit’ in that language?

63350. If sequence currents Ia1 = 2 ∠- 90°, Ia2 = 0.2 ∠ 90° and Ia3 = 1.8 ∠ 90°, Ia =

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